@TheRalphRetort unverified as fuck, this isn't even the real guntster

@TheRalphRetort q is everywhere

Especially the white house, Joe Biden was Q all along

@TheRalphRetort trust the plan. This all coming together. Just need to gather evidence after his first week and then the military will arrest the pope. JFK jr is in the addict ready to repel down. Think Mission Impossible - Q. WWG1WWJDROFLCOPTER

@TheRalphRetort FEDverse was a part of the plan, the military is here, watching waiting, arrested all deep state operatives, and ALLOWING Biden to be "president".

@TheRalphRetort No, Q turned out to be a #nigger when I found him so he is decomposing in my garden right now. #trusttheplan

@TheRalphRetort "That letter is an Idea, Not an Organization" - Chris Wray, FBI, to congress, totally accurate quote

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