Gonna start promoting this soon. I suggested Saloon as the new name. That's not bad lol!

Telegram and Trovo seem to have the Killstream set for now. I wanna build out some other fall backs.

@dickmasterson how many people can this place hold? I guess this is something we can talk about when you call in as well lol

@TheRalphRetort @dickmasterson millons its decenterlized on fedi you have about 23 millon people on it

@1iceloops123 @dickmasterson I mean when you host your own tho? Like, what all does that entail? I'm just gonna use this one anyway tho

@TheRalphRetort @dickmasterson i think you mostly need hosting and a domain i think but websites exist too help you set them up but i think @moon or the admins on other sites like,
@sjw or @p could explain it better than i could
@1iceloops123 @TheRalphRetort @dickmasterson @sjw plenty of people have set them up, you basically have to be able to follow instructions, but it takes some knowledge if/when something goes wrong. @p has a hosting service
@1iceloops123 @TheRalphRetort @dickmasterson @Moon @sjw

> Like, what all does that entail?

A domain and a box to run it and someone to set it up or enough familiarity with Linux to follow the documentation. (currently in beta, as you can see from the GIFs) can handle this, or if you are using Pleroma, I can help.
@TheRalphRetort @dickmasterson like those are the people i know that have more experience just a user
@TheRalphRetort @dickmasterson it can hold as many as your server is able to. But since you can connect to every other instance you would just not need to jost "everyone" people can still follow you through their own instance.

That way the information is spread nicely across a lot of servers and even if some go down its pretty secure from vanishing. Entirely.

@dickmasterson @TheRalphRetort Wha... What do you mean new names? This is my career now Dick, you can't do this to me!

@TheRalphRetort i heard peertube another fediverse service has streaming and federates with plemora and mastodon
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