Where tf is Rekieta and some other good ppl to follow

@TheRalphRetort dude this place is fucking cool. It kinda scares me into wondering how bad actors/government will try to ruin it lol

@PixelBillion @TheRalphRetort Say the do try and shut down paypig, you can just export your account and import it onto a new instance like


Killstream/TDS sphere: @thegatorgamer @Randbot2020 , @Madcucks . I thought I saw wild goose, don’t know if that was actually him. Bibble would like it here, probably Flam as well.

Beyond that, @Wyatt is funny and there’s loads of anime smut if you’re into that

@TheRalphRetort I think Rackets is the only other (((influencer))) so far @RekietaLaw

You should also follow me, I’m the best account.

@TheRalphRetort I think this might be Jim's account but need more confirmation


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