Also I've said this before, but I'm just gonna make this place the dumping grounds for thoughts on personal disputes that don't deserve the promo on Twitter. Seems appropriate.

Rand turned his camera on to me about a month ago. I didn't ask him to nor want him to. It was really weird. I think now that he was trying to bait me or something, to get me to put out his picture. He cited this on his stream after he quit. "I hope Ralph doesn't put out muh picture."

Bitch I don't have your fucking picture. But a different picture of you is definitely coming into quick of a dishonest and scheming snake.

Merry Christmas, cocksucker.

Keep in mind that in the clip I cited on Twitter, Rand lied about how he left the show. He quit live on air with no warning and later said it was because of, despite the fact that I never censored him and had broadcast him LIVE ON COZY many times already.

I'm actually starting to think Rand did this whole thing on purpose because it doesn't even make sense otherwise. That's how fucking dumb it is.

Now what I'm not gonna do is be a cult member like you, you dumb bitch. I don't give a fuck about muh NJP membership card or TRS talking points, or how much you obsess over Nick Fuentes every single day. I'm me and I don't need any label or clique. I run my own shit. My label is Killstream.

She legitimately HAS TO BE the dumbest bitch on the World Wide Web.

There was no "gay op." I had him back on the show after your drunken boss ruined his episode last month. He said nothing last night that he hasn't said before on that same show, years ago. Oh but I forgot, it's only ok for Rand to shit on HIS enemies on the Killstream. No one else can do it.

I didn't stop Enoch and the rest from coming on my show. They chose that. Just a fact. I'd be more than happy to have them back.

What's even funnier is both of these photos are his reactions to watching his GF get fucked by a Tyrone.
RT @TheRalphRetort


eternal internet beefs and insults aside, this technology of decentralized instances essentially means you cannot be canceled or deplatformed. Even if you don’t have direct engagement in five digit numbers like Twatter, it is an excellent fallback from more mainstream platforms so that you don’t wind up losing all your followers because they don’t know where to find you, or you can use it for more edgy content that wouldn’t fly elsewhere.

And if there is dumb gay drama you’re not really interested in dealing with, there is a simple solution: Defederate and you never have to see an owner, their user base, or intolerable rule set ever again. They may as well be locked up in ADX Florence never to see the light of day again as far as you’re concerned.

No one can tell you what is or is not allowed on your platform (outside obviously illegal content that will get you fucked by the authorities on any site attached to the clearnet)

I’m aware you have a live stream with plenty of viewers and the engagement on this site would appear to be much less, but it is a more intimate platform with higher engagement per user percentages than many other platforms. Everyone is essentially equal here: I can call pretty much anybody a faggot no matter how big of a dick they might have, and they’re guaranteed to see it; unlike Twitter which buries most user comments or an impossible to read chat room with thousands of users spamming bullshit every nanosecond.

Finally, I have no real stake in your beef with Josh or Graf. There’s always going to be warring tribes on the internet no matter who’s right or wrong. Best of luck to ya.

@josh @NEETzsche @The_Mute07

@KingSoldier @TheRalphRetort @josh Isn't Josh that faggot who emotionally supported Chris Chan when he raped his mother?

@josh @NEETzsche You have hosted havens online for pedophiles. You have openly fantasized about killing your mother and have been disowned by your entire family. You host a website that can be credibly blamed for several suicides and is home to daily stalking. You host "revenge porin" on your own servers!...and your big claim to fame is hosting the snuff film from New Zealand.

You're in no position to credibly question the personal behavior of anyone on the planet.

@TheRalphRetort Thanks fam. I think big names on these services like Twitter and YouTube making their own instances as they get banned is the way forward. Things of this nature function on a snowballing effect. People go on Twitter because people are already on Twitter. The same applies to YouTube and to Discord and whatever else. Once you get someone on one of these things it's very hard to get them off of it.

I would say that in the case of the fediverse, due to its federated nature, that intractability becomes even more pronounced. If you think it's hard to convince people to stop using Twitter, imagine trying to get people to stop using email. It's fucking impossible. So once you get someone on fedi in earnest, that's it. They're never leaving, especially not for Twitter or a Twitter clone like Gab. 10,000 Twitter clones that can talk to each other beat Twitter and any clone of it that can't talk to other clones of it.

This is of course on the time scale of years, perhaps even a decade. I don't anticipate this transition will go smoothly. But really, how many new content creators of any value are going to want to go straight onto something like YouTube where they know in advance they'll just get and the moment they go off the reservation? And the reservation shifts too! That's known as well.

Everybody wants to be able to say whatever the fuck they want. Everybody knows that YouTube tightly regulates that, and so does Twitter and Facebook. You won, and the only, reason progressives are issuing this smarmy it's a private company crap is because right now those private companies are favoring them. The moment that something other than progressivism gets favored over it when the banhammer comes out, is the moment that they themselves run off to the fediverse and end up having the exact conversation we're having now.

So imagine for a minute that you aren't a big shot on Twitter. Would you bother signing up for it? Would you bother starting a YouTube channel as a nobody? Even if you have talent and the ability to draw people in, why bother signing your own death warrant like that?

All the new talent is going to be on the fediverse or other federated services like PeerTube. I give that about five years.


I almost posted all this on Twitter, but ah. The faggots will screencap it and post it for me anyway! No need to give them any exposure on the main account unless it's really worth it.

I think that's what I'm gonna turn this into...a respond to faggots outlet. No other real purpose for this place at the moment.

And if you're waiting for me to stop making a living off all this, I'm afraid I have some bad news lol. Did you see the show yesterday??? 😂😂😂😂

This particularly obsessive fat bitch has created an entire fake backstory for my Mother on Fanfic Farms. It’s kinda amazing.

My Mom had an MBA from Arkansas State & worked for almost 40 years at the top of her profession as a highly respected auditor. We weren’t on welfare at all. My grandparents were wealthy. I have own land in another state. Two states, actually.

This headcase literally just made up a backstory out of thin air.

The idea that post has anywhere near the engagement of Gab is laughable in the extreme.

Do these retards just believe whatever Josh Moon tells them, no matter how retarded it is?

I'll be honest @TheRalphRetort Dingo the Diplomat was not a development I was expecting...

@josh @gargleeff I'm already on Gab now, also Telegram.

Quite frankly, I'd rather go silent AND bankrupt than work with faggots like you and Graf, even tangentially, on any kind of social media push. You're both cancer.

No one likes you at all, Moon. Maybe if you hadn't spent years being an insane liar who pisses off all other streamers and creators, the Fedi push would actually work.


Christmas movies are gay and you shouldn't subject people to them.

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