If the Spacejam reboot had a female lead, half the people who are calling it shit right now would be supporting it as empowering and calling you sexist for not instantly loving it.

Most of them look like this:

The Holocaust didn't happen just so people could use it in internet arguments.

If you get falsely accused of rape amd found not guilty, you can essentially rape that person for revenge and no one will believe them.

Seems like a juat punishment.


JUST IN: Pres. Biden has removed mentions of Dr. Seuss from “Read Across America Day” due to concerns about “racial undertones” in the children’s books -NYP

-- Source: https://nitter.cc/Breaking911/status/1366737412911550465#m

We are being told to trust the same people who said that Benghazi was caused by some obscure anti-Muslim movie trailer.

Juat remember that the same people who get offended at everything also thought Trump was talking about literal coyotes and not human smugglers.


Non-racists boycott racist company after claiming problems on people based on their race.

I never buy shares in companies or ETFs that have women in leadership roles. So far it has never failed me

You ever piss someone off so much they try to claim you are racist by saying "black people have lower average IQs...?"

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