Communists: You shouldn't harm anyone trying to rob you are steal your stuff.

Also communists: Murder landlords who try to evict you.

For context, he is cohost of The Modern Rogue and does shit like improvised weapons and lock picking.

Can you imagine leaving after your work is done?

Also that picture works better for pro-choicers when someone wants to buy a gun.

I have a question for everyone, feel free to ask your friends and family. If a Covid-19 vaccine had a 7% mortality rate of those that took it, would you take it?

Trans people do know that puberty blockers are used to treat early onset puberty...right? And if there is a black market on these drugs, it is adults giving them to teens under 18. That is very close to child grooming.

What would trans activists say if a kid made a well reasoned statement about how life is suffering and they wish to be euthanized?

Like if you are gay, no one really cares. If you are a cross dresser, no one really cares. And the crazy "straights are yucky breeders" get laughed at, but the trend community just went with insanity.

I think that if instead of insisting gender is a social construct and that everyone's made up gender identity is valid as a real gender, trans activists focused on just getting to change their IDs, names, and having g the same rights, by now they would have a lot of what they want.

So the vaccine card is now just a card large wirth CDC on it. There is no distinguishing features, they just write your name and DOB on it.

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