Good evening fedi. Have you said your daily nigger today?

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I hate being settled for. I know. I know. You'd rather get nutted in by your ex. His mother took you shopping. My mother can't afford a pot to squat over. He took you to Florida. I am always in the garage or posting on Fedi.

You didn't like me then, and you don't like me now. We grew to be completely different kinds of people, yet we now find ourselves in the same league.

I got used to being alone. Maybe you should too.

I'm so boomer I would fuck Kelly Clarkson.

Caught BPD girl looking at my phone after I fell asleep. She didn't think to look at my shit posting app.

This is where space ghost can be space ghost

What a weird weekend. I think I saw Jesus

Every hot girl in my grade in high school is super fat today.

Thigh tattoos are the worst and the hottest thing imaginable.

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Laura Loomer gets banned from payment processor Stripe in the middle of making a speech about tech censorship.

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You guys don't understand. She's basically the female version of me. We like all the same things. No, we haven't had sex yet. She still has PTSD from her psychopath ex. Our relationship is about so much more. For example, we both like anime and video games.

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Now I'm on the PC because I have no need to be on the phone. You won't guess where I'll be next. Stick around, more Touchballs69 after this

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I can't even buy a fucking graphics card

I'm not a violent man. I'm just a single dad trying to make it work out there. But it's just getting to the limit of my tolerance for this world. I'm exhausted and just want a little hope. All the lifting, and the self sufficiency, can't hold back the exetential dread coupled with ennui of daily enjoyment fading into unending obligations.

I really hope I am not going to Travis Bickle. I probably won't. But damn it would be nice to get a win.

Every time I think I am smart enough I run into someone smarter who beat my ass in the ground.

I am the Vegeta of my own life.

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Is there anything human beings who aren't retarded could care less about than reddit karma?

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