>Retain your strength
>Lose your endurance

Back in the gym and I'm feeling better already

I finally finished Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto. A deeply informative essay, autobiography, and historical account of the birth of the modern schooling system. I encourage everyone to read it, especially parents and employees of the school system.

Crypto bros. How can they do it to us like this?

Related to lockdown bullshit. The Vic government has continued to tax the ever loving shit out of businesses that already can't operate. This state is a shitshow.

Sutton is our Chief Health Officer (CHO). He's currently getting grilled over leaving the state for an awards ceremony (not allowed for the common people), Slug Gate (where he approved the shutdown of a major catering company on specious reasoning and potentially taking bribes to do so), fucking up the lockdowns, fucking up the restrictions, inconsistencies in medical advice and generally not knowing what the fuck he's talking about. You love to see it.

For anyone wondering what's going on in Victoria. The Voice for Victoria account on Instagram does a daily summary of press conferences and government fuck-ups. It's incredible how terribly managed the state is.

We've just had a disastrous storm, thousands of homes knocked off the grid or outright destroyed, the ADF has been offering disaster relief support through soldiers/resources. The Vic gov spends the whole week deliberating and then requests 120 troops to help. Fucking amazing.

Trump is just growing in the shadows like Sauron. If he gets his Twitter back, he'll be able to take physical form.

Okay Google, why my refractory period so long?


Fucking kek at the footage of him struggling to finish a sentence while claiming he's happy for his physical and mental fitness to be examined

From 18:40 he plays footage of Biden rambling and it's unlistenable. The guy's tone, pace, volume, everything about his voice makes it impossible to pay attention to. When you are able to tune in, it's gibberish!

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