a girlfriend "talked me" into "raising", while she took care of the mama cat.

"Kids always called me 'Shelly Corn' and we didn't want kids making fun of you." - an Idiot

I almost forgot it would help if they too are atheists.

“Fediverse: The Musical!”...

The Wizard Anon?

"I learned it from looking under the first pile of centerfold magazines mom doesn't have a problem with. The centerfold magazines you don't read at all- That's where I learned how to roll one. Other than that, we're square... No, I don't have any cigarettes... I guess you do have a sense of smell, but I always forget which ear is deaf." - PUBLIC GOOD FAITH DECREE

Stopped by the "Ghandi District" in today for some smokes. Always good to know where the surplus market for smokeshops, "novelty stores" and hookah bars is. Just boxes of dildos, fleshlights, rhino pills, party pills, gummies, dessert chef equipment, vape pens, glassware, mechanical presses, even barrels of caffeine- And this was only the Gandhi District. I'll need to try the SoKo routes next time I'm out.

I wish I knew why I was so much more productive in the past... I sure hope my dad can find other people who use that Penguin icon stuff he never wants to talk about.

Community college theater was fucked. Backstage work was ok; if not for such shitty plays. Cool, hip, "woke" new ideas. One of them- An ensemble comedy that required me to act. An unfunny, unfocused play about "The Peanuts" in college. Kevin Smith level laziness. Charlie Brown comes out as gay towards the end, Pigpen is a racist and my character has a whole scene with a girl asking to blow him since she's bored. What scholarship? Maybe if I was in the "Drama Club", I wouldn't feel canceled.

"Plantains are pretty thick, they will TEAR YOU UP." -

Dump that bitch boys, you deserve better.

Family breakthrough!

My dad is FINALLY going to divorce my mother!

His vote for Biden, I suppose, I can overlook for the time being.

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