Vaccines are out, all the people who need one can get one and we still have to wear masks to go anywhere. then you'll ahve to be vaccinated to go anywhere. IM BEYOND ARAGE

Walked into the supermarket and had three fat pigs chasing after me until they got their manager to ask me to wear a mask. By the time they found me I was ready to checkout. Was able to checkout no issues lmao

how is no one talking about how Trump is banned from ALL social media, and some credit card processing. Americans really think we're better than the chinese? I'll gladly be a spy for the chinese where at least im paid well im live on twitch., 1 follow 5 pullups make me lose weight

I was 150 pounds before the quarantine. I'm blamign boomers for making me drink my days away

$AMC $BB and $GME all taken offline by robinhood.How can our stocks get federated? @dickmasterson

The "Due to Covid" line has to be my biggest rage of 2020

White Nationalism (Being White and Being a nationalist aka patriot) has been deemed the number one target of elimination by the BIden administration. Remind me why I would ever be a patriot in the United States?

Buy Cartel Stocks (Companies Propped by Government bonds)

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