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@SlashBolt This reply is criminally underrated I am so sorry

nothin puts a damper on the day like stopping to save a turtle crossing the street and seeing it get creamed by a knuckle-dragging ford F250 driving retard

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I had a dream I was using Paypig at the gas station and this really stacked bronze chick was like “are you federated???”

At any rate, despite my own dedication to the principles of liberalism I identity more with the y-axis of the political spectrum at this point, and look forward to when I can lock arms with SS larpers and Antifa seditionists and burn down the state headquarters of the Bureau of Land Management. In Minecaft.

I probably actually don't have it in me to riot or anything but what's funny about federal agents dying is how quickly their widowed wives hop onto strange black cock.

My guess they trained themselves to ignore the forboding twitching in their gut when they see gay guys kissing or a black guy walking towards them, since that twitch is their inherent bigotry, but they got too good at it.

So now when they see images of Washington locked down or news about drones blowing up Sand People they assume that they are too ignorant to see how this is actually a good thing in the long run and trust that the feel-good tone its presented in is indicative of how it is.

The entire problem with the left is its completely pathological way of interpreting the world. Whether it's a trans female hatefully cursing white men or a moderate StrongerTogether chump who feels pretty good about his own standard of living, and therefore the state of the nation.

Both groups share the fundamental flaw of feel-first-think-second. Justify your emotional state with rhetoric. No substance to Pro-Biden voters, just jargon.

Seeing aged 30-49 liberals chuckle about how they would have hated Biden for his Syria bombings and are glad they 'grew up' and stand with him despite it all is such a black pill.

I can only assume their upbringing in public school unfettered by a still mostly inaccessible internet is to blame for how complacent and ignorant they are, but I still wish they would all curl up and die.

Not to be a redditor but my girlfriend bought me $30 of junk food yesterday so to repay her I fucked her brains out to her lame grunge playlist

Life can be good sometimes

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My favorite quote from my hearing: @dickmasterson panel member asked “so what your saying is your not responsible for people being hurt by your words?” I answered “yes” an audible gasp followed.

I don’t get that hole phobia thing whenever I see a bunch of holes I wanna squeeze them to see if maggots or puss or something comes out

I was Surprised at first to find my Cousin at the bottom of my Cum Tank, but she just Smiled and said “Fill ‘Er Up, Cuz!”

@SlashBolt Sorry sis, but you know we agreed that whenever you get caught in the Dishwasher I get to fuck you before I help you out...

I wouldn’t mind the incest porn bot if it didn’t post shitty 4chan ms paint edits of imagefap pics

Being constipated at work is the best my manager came in to yell at me and I ripped a big fart from the stall and he just left

Oh nice I can feel in my big toe again

Today's my birthday, so if I close my eyes and wake up and it's 2016 again I won't do anything different but I'll appreciate the extra shitposting time.

I hate having work in the morning, I suddenly got a burst of productive energy and now i gotta meter it so I can sleep and wake up early tomorrow.

At least it's almost the weekend, but odds are I don't do anything after work tomorrow.

found my old tumblr and started laughing really hard at old memes from 2 years ago

god, to be a neet again...

My roommates cornered me at a party and told me I can’t smoke their weed anymore but when I got a huge brick in November it was a different story

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