@vitocola A Biggest Problem reboot is definitely worth 10 metric dollars per month.

My biggest problem with the judge striking down California's assault weapons ban is that he implied that it's okay to ban howitzers.

I don't get Juneteenth. It doesn't mark the legal end of slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation didn't apply to the slave states that stayed in the Union. It's like having an anniversary for 52 days into your marriage.

2.5x more Americans have gotten vaccinated for covid than actually got the disease itself.

Wuhan is one of the largest city in the world. How had I never heard of it before covid?

Are anti-globalists for or against the global minimum tax rate the G7 is talking about?

I don't get the labeling of things like the 1619 Project or BLM as Marxist. They seem like they're at odds with Marxist thought. It's fine to just call them dumb and leave it at that. What am I missing?


Time for some Maddox stories from Bananadox!

Let me know if you heard this one....Maddox had a date, but the date flaked!


Maddox went out with a girl and he wore a sasquatch shirt. The date wanted to go get a drink and Maddox was like "heck no I'm not spending money in a bar!"

Allegedly a girl stayed the night at Maddox's, and asked for a ride the next morning.

Do you think she rode on the handlebars or does the bike have some back pegs she could stand on?

Now we're at the "What am I drinking" portion of the show.

Inevitably somebody will say PBR and Bananadox then goes into the same recycled "I pour out all the PBR at parties" joke. Every. Single. Time.

@Madcucks which biden? attached earlobe biden or unattached earlobe biden?

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