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I used to be so fucking funny you guys don't even try to deny it I made you laugh a few times.

Those were the days...

Oh and I know literally nobody on the entire fediverse watches my streams but just to explain why I haven't streamed the last few days and also won't today: I dunno lol I have no excuse please send me money though

Something they never tell you in Gay Academy is that coming out to your parents sucks... Like seriously why are more people not talking about this smh spread the word

Ummmm ok it turns out they did??? Well why the fuck did they do that

They should make a second season of FLCL

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Lightspeed Rescue? Yeah fucking right do they have any idea how fast that is? They are not that fast. Fuck the Power Rangers lying ass bitches

Honestly fuck you if you say anything I disagree with

Boyfriend put all our savings into Dogecoin without talking to me about it first this is not the kind of news I needed right now


My boyfriend is very horny tell him to calm down thank you

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