Some of y'all still use Paypig and it fucking shows

@MasterSimper It means for an hour or two Paypig was unable to interact with any other instance.

@PixelBillion Cloudflare had issues and Paypig wasn't receiving any data from outside the instance for an hour or two. Make an alt just in case this is the best advice I can give

Remember when everyone here was panicking about being defederated haha

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@SONICMAN69 I was decentralized before it was cool. Before the internet I would write one word messages and send them from different places to the same person.

Sometimes the mail, couriers, telegrams etc wouldn't arrive in the right order and it would get confusing. Back then if your friend wasn't smart enough to figure it out you had to by law bully the into committing suicide.

@GK_Dynamic_Analytics well I mean yeah they were all here for a while you were one of them even

@doug Well I moved a while ago, but right now Cloudflare is having issues so Paypig isn't federated. Pretty useless as is so others are leaving. Just trying to help

@Publius You know Sterence runs his own instance you could join

@Wokeapedia We don't know but it's just a Cloudflare issue so Dick should be able to fix it eventually. He said he's looking into it on Twitter

@TouchBalls69 Does it bother you that in the end I still was the most active Paypigger even after leaving :(

All my blocks are bots by the way before you make fun of me

Also for anyone moving to another instance, if you want to keep your follows (among other things), download this file and import it to your new account

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