Also for anyone moving to another instance, if you want to keep your follows (among other things), download this file and import it to your new account

Making my daughter watch all of these call the fucking cops if you don't like it

I have nothing more to say my heart was broken and I will never recover I hope Sterence chokes on his own piss and drops fucking dead

Or maybe it was all just a joke and he's pranking me.......

Please say sike Sterence I am begging you

I really can't stand farming materials anymore so I'm calling it here. Yeah my PSN username is really stupid, I don't care I changed it to SONICMAN69 once and it broke some games I play so I had to revert it back.

Maybe I'll stream some farming later because I hate leaving things unfinished but I will not do this alone for another second I'm going insane

Was curious how long it took me to upgrade all the weapons in Nier on PS3

Why the fuck am I doing this again

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