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This is an accidental post I am accidentally posting here on this instance I mistakenly typed all of this

I may or may not pop in here every now and then but until that time comes, if it ever does, I want to congratulate @TouchBalls69 for becoming the newest most active Paypig. Technically only because I am leaving because we all know he could never do it fair and square but, hey! A win is a win.

No we are not actually the same person

Anyone else find it a little weird that Dick started Paypig but didn't seem to know what findom meant?

pronouns update!
-use any I don't give a shit this is the internet you don't know me I'm not even real none of this is real

Might make an instance that doesn't federate later I dunno

Woke up this morning, got my gabagool~🎶

If I was a leader of a large instance I would simply do gooder at it than other people

If I preface one more post with anything about my boyfriend in the next 24 hours I promise I will chop my cock off and film it

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How many accounts am I running other than this one and @TouchBalls69

You're all jealous of my happiness, but I'm telling you right now it's a horrible idea to be envious of my life I'm dirt poor (and here's how you can change that)

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