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Fediverse is about to get a lot more racist for a couple weeks. Might be time for a hiatus

Thinking about murdering all straight people later

Fediverse needs more targeted ad campaigns

I apologize to all leaves, I played an episode of El Tigre on the stream last night and Viacom didn't like that so the stream has been blocked in Canada.

I am removing this segment from the video so it should be available shortly.

Why the fuck did I play El Tigre

Salute Your Shorts? Why would I do that that's fucking stupid

haha early 90s Nickelodeon "jokes" that aren't funny you love to see it on the fedi

I'm sorry for not having posi vibes today I'm going to be stepping away from the fediverse while I sort myself out

Now you're all fucking analyzing my apps and the layout and my Android version fuck off nerds this is my assistant's phone anyway

This opinion kicks ass fuck all of you for not agreeing

I would think the lack of an edit button on Twitter would lead to Twitter users being more likely to actually check their posts for mistakes before sending them out but instead it seems like people are more carefree than ever and will use all that energy that could be spent improving themselves complaining about the lack of an edit button when there's no need for one if you aren't a fucking idiot.

But that's just me

Rock Band drums is the only way to play

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