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I hereby declare myself to be what Jack is to twitter

Something tells me no human in the history of earth has immigrated to another nation because they wanted to live in a more diverse society.

I doubled my calorie count this week, but went down 2 pounds. My metabolism is a blessing and a curse.

I need to stop watching my local news, it's fucking garbage. They showed a clip of Jim Jordan questioning Fauci, and the line of questioning was about our liberties being destroyed for the plague. After the clip the news bitch says "Aww why would you yell at Dr. Fauci?". HE'S NOT A FUCKING PUPPY YOU BITCH.


It's odd that Ben and Jerry's panders to the "black and brown" communities when more than 50% of them are lactose intolerant. Must be for woke white women as usual.

Going into a online Pokemon card tournament with a 15 win streak for my deck. Feeling pretty good.

I saw on the news they are experimenting with a third dose of the vaccine. Let's just jab ourselves with new experimental treatments every month. It could be like a lootcrate for horrible side effects.

It's rare, but I really love when my dog howls at ambulances/fire trucks.

I'm ok with Minneapolis burning, it's the worst part of the state. In fact just build a containment wall around it and call it Somalia 2.

Got a call on my house's landline that caller id told me was Central Intelligence Agency. My first thought was "oh that's just a scam call, they are even using a local number". Then I remember the CIA headquarters is in my phone area code. This is what I get for looking at anime tits, they are coming for me lads.

Which is worse, being surrounded by white people singing DMX or asians singing Naruto opening songs?

Fuck me. I can't go to the gym with a girl. I think I ended up hurting both my arms.

Kinda mad I didn't go to the last road rage, but I just had too much going on.

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