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Ze vacczeenz aren't working?
Releaze ze Chriz Chan tapez

I get why it's called animal husbandry because farm animals are a lot like women.

You have to feed them while isolating then from their mother. But don't grow attached because you will eventually kill and eat them

I went to work on a farm but instead of getting to feed the pigs and chickens I had to clean out the shed of the farmer who I found out is a hoarder

There’s the signal. He’s gonna try to crash crypto again. Dump TESLA stock to fight back

Invention idea (do not steal):

Clothes which are invisible to everyone except police officers and show up on camera or video. So that you get to molest the eyes of normies with a view of your naked body in public.

But if they call the police on you or try to take a picture or video it looks like you are wearing clothes so they have no proof and look insane. If anything they get in trouble for lying to the police.

Just learned my great great grandfather was 35 and my great great grandmother was 15 when they got married. She had 13 children. And died at the age of 28 from childbirth during the 13th.


Wow look at this amazing painting. It's a white rabbit in a snowstorm! Woah!

Holy $hi+balls!!! The CDC based their mask recommendation yesterday on an Indian Study which was looking at a vaccine that is not approved for use in the United States and that study used for the recommendation has not even been peer reviewed.

So I was correct when I said that the basis of Walensky's statement is "Vaccines Don't Work" because the CDC used a study proving that an Indian vaccine not available in the United States is not working.

What a gong show.

Nearest three are called bacon, sausage and blackpudding (left to right)

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