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Organised a Christmas fair and it went well. I had to film young girls dancing for way longer than I was comfortable with in order to get advertising

Uma Thurman doesn't even have particularly attractive feet. I don't get why Guillmero del toro was so obsessed with them

I'm so hypoglycemic. It's been three full days without carbs so hopefully I'll be in ketosis soon.

I think getting the keto bars (ground almond, ground hazelnut, cocoa and healthy sweeteners in a bar form) are worth it even if they are expensive. Just to get through the first week or two. But I may aswell power through since its only a short term stint since I've got too many Christmas meals happening in the coming weeks to fully commit to long term keto like I did back in March

From now on I'm only talking to women already in Costco. I need to be with my own kind (Costco members)

Turns out the girl I'm dating only cares about my Costco membership card...

I thought she was the one

I'm desperate to get people to attend a Christmas fair Ive organised and am hosting so I've personally invited every single girl who I am in DMs with.

Quite a lot have said they will come and are very excited. I hope this doesn't backfire

Anyone playing Halo infinite multiplayer?

I'm rank Gold 5 😎

Hiring a after-school dance group to perform at my event as entertainment makes me feel like Jeffrey Epstein.

I hope they aren't too sexual...

V in V for Vendetta talks like a neckbeard. Aka like a faux Intellectual.

Should I join the freemasons?

An isolationist mountain village in a medieval era is more culturally diverse than LA.

50% of the characters in the Amazon Wheel of Time show have been race swapped.

If you ask a girl for nudes on international men's day she can't say no. Its a rule

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