@PixelBillion you’re a good guy, Pixel. I know I can come across as overbearingly pessimistic, but it really isn’t out of apathy and it certainly isn’t meant to inspire apathy.

Anyways this is a bit ranty, but I am just sick of this cycle. There's seemingly no escape from it externally but it doesn't have to eat up everyone's collective energy.

We all collectively have a golden opportunity. We're technologically literate and we still live in a free country for the time being (though the net is closing). Instead of just whining about how boomers didn't do enough to stop this shitshow we're in, let's work on fixing it and I don't mean politically. Network with likeminded friends, learn skills, buy land and property and think about what sort of skills would be useful to have around and develop those skills.

I remember after the Jussie Smollet story the same sort of outrage. The details may change but the theme remains the same. If you're of the elite, rules that would punish you no longer matter. If you are not of the elite and your freedom poses some problem to the elite, rules that would protect you no longer matter.
Getting mad about it is as about as useful as yelling at the sky: do it for a little while but don't become addicted to it or you'll burst a blood vessel.

Something I've noticed the last 5 years or so. Some outrage takes place, people get angry, some people say there is a silver lining, there isn't. People forget and move on to the next outrage. I remember it after the Kate Steinle case, and after every bad decision Trump made.
I feed into it too. But instead of just doing this whole song and dance again, let's do something productive instead.
Network with some like minded friends and build something productive or learn a skill together.

Man Sues Apple for Terminating Apple ID with $24K Worth of Content

A lawsuit alleging that Apple media services terms and conditions, which permit the company to terminate an Apple ID, are "unlawful" and "unconscionable."

A user with a terminated Apple ID cannot access media content that they've purchased.

The plaintiff, Matthew Price, reportedly spent nearly $25,000 on content attached to an Apple ID.

CLICK: #DotardNews #DotardTech

More on the parallel societies bit, there probaby will be refugees from the west into Russia in the next 20-30 years similar to how people fled the Soviet Union

the funny part about all of this is george floyd and his 24 karat gold casket are about to be memory holed in favor of a girl who charged at a cop with a knife

the whole thing is so fucking funny
this story will repeat for the rest of history
Wanna know why Bashar al-Assad barrel bombs Ikhwani faggots, Russian Police bash libtards, Iran lynches MEK dissidents, and China runs over people with tanks?

Well you just found out today
@Atlas_Khan I would like to think this, but i also lean towards the "if they're not already aware, they'll never wake up" outlook. Last summer had some brutal examples of unrelated people getting burned and it didn't make a difference.

I don't know why anyone is surprised. After the election stuff this should be expected to be the standard operating procedure.
Rules and reason mean nothing if it's what stands between you and ruin and likewise rules and reason mean nothing if it's what would hold someone with power accountable.
Guy gets blasted by cops in a hallway for no reason, slap on the wrist - perp was white; cops knees on a drug addict who then ODs, maximum sentence.
We need to just build parallel societies

People forget how when the cops were found not guilty in the Rodney King case, President George Bush immediately went on TV to promise to violate the constitutional double jeopardy rule and persecute the at the federal level.
Hey remember when that mentally disabled white kid got kidnapped by 4 black teenagers and tortured and then the perpetrators quietly all got off on soft charges? Kinda funny how no one really talks about that anymore. Anyway, I wonder what blacks are gonna get away with this summer
@Tripp @Shadowman311 they're the ones who were enforcing liberal governors orders to close your business and your church. they're the ones standing guard to ensure drag queen story hour goes off without a hitch. they're the ones who'll enforce your kids going to public school to learn about gay sex and while they're evil for being white. they'll proudly kick you out of your home or off your land if the tax man or the banker say so. fuck em all.
Chauvin was probably some dirty cop in a money laundering scheme. Cause nigger riots and clean up loose ends in one move. Whole thing is fishy as fuck. Show trial blah blah blah. Who cares.

If you see it it's for you. This trial was for you. All the absurd and maddening and unjust and retarded and damnable proceedings were put on, for you. They cannot help but flaunt their hatred now. So take note and take heart.
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FOX NEWS' GREG GUTFELD: "I'm glad that [Chauvin] was found guilty on all charges, even if he might not be guilty of all charges."

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1384620628356079616
JUST IN: Lawyer for George Floyd's family calls guilty verdict a historical turning point

Yeah I'll say you just destroyed any faith in the system among conservanormies
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