We know, David

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“I’m willing to do something radically ethically wrong for the sake of my own advancement- and then I’m going to spend the rest of my life judging other people.”

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Strange Days!

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I'm not deleting that tweet but here is the corrected list

Crimson Tide
12 Monkeys
Strange Days

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Who is insane?

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In response to Kevin Sorbo saying Trump could lower gas prices by going back in time and killing more dinosaurs
A Trump supporter replied there was never enough dinosaurs for oil
Oil is provided by the power of god
But sure
It’s not a cult and they are perfectly sane

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Altered mental state sounds jab related as well.

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Omicron has some very convenient side effects

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Is that Melissa Joan Hart?

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So this hair style was a thing and Ryan Reynolds embraced it.

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I've seen this live at a Cypress Hill concert but it was like 30 women.

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I'm just gonna keep my thoughts on this to myself. twitter.com/DeplorableRich5/st

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GROM artist @[email protected] working another cool backer sketch. This one: a sloth wearing ammo belts and that Kurt Russell hat from The Thing! This character will also be a staple character in the GALACTIC RODENTS OF MAYHEM universe 🤩

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"I'm trying to get rid of the camps, not decide who goes in them" @[email protected]

If you're not listening to this on YouTube, you're missing out.


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Happy Birthday @[email protected] Thank you for being extremely based and putting America First every day. You set the gold standard for a GOP congressman and are real human being

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I bet you can change her.

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Look guys, I know that I’d be violating my principles if I let my lustful feelings get the better of me with this Zionist cop, but that’s [a part I’d] be willing to overlook.

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The town in Alan Wake would be somewhere I would move.

Jeff Lynne is not underrated at all, ELO is my favorite band.1

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Jeff Lynne is the most underrated member of the Traveling Wilburys.

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Bitch got ptsd from watching TV. 1

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we have all been living under a really suffocating danger energy this constant threat of death by COVID +variants toxic environmental disasters Q Cult pharmaceutical poisoning racist Gun violence by unhinged raged filled police &citizens Its too much. Every one walking in ptsd

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