Crazy how nobody is blaming Biden for the Asian murders but if trump were in office this would 100% be his fault.

I wish the Rock Band / Guitar Hero franchises would come back from the dead

Watched another girl hit a safety pylon at a gas station. Big surprise.

The annoying girl I went to high school with, who is now a disney-obsessed obese elementary school teacher, is telling everyone how amazing the vaccine is.

You should not be this fat or this complacent at 26 you heffer.

Kids in Cages βœ”οΈ
No college debt forgiveness βœ”οΈ
Bombing tf out of Syria βœ”οΈ

wE dId It ReDdIt!!!Β‘!

Marinate your zits a few days for maximum popping action!


Every hot girl who becomes a hair stylist immediately gives up on their aspirations and becomes fat within a year

Hoard Crypto like you used to hoard weird coins you'd find on the ground as a child

Google voice to text censors the word porn lmao

There is so much porn on my timeline. The fediverse is awesome!

For those wondering: I got an 870 Wingmaster and a .22 revolver at the gun show. Spent $450 total

Going to the gun show tomorrow lads. What do I buy?

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