The only part about clients I like is their money.

@Madcucks what's your best/favorite whiskey you have in your collection.

Pic related is mine.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is not about god damn trannies.

I wonder if you could convince people that you actually need 3 rounds of the coof poke. Saying it gets more and more effective but they only give all three to people in danger, but that if you really press them you can get them to give you the third round.

Wish me luck, I'm gonna start a race war at my knitting group, that's right we're starting the felter skelter.

Amazon is selling virtual tours and shopping experiences of vacation destinations so you can have a vacation without leaving your home. Anyone who pays for this should have their human rights revoked.

Nothing is less funny or interesting than explaining how you use expletives to express anything.

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