Math shit, go away. 

Math shit, go away. 

NEW DICK SHOW! Youth soccer is ruined, a French Manicure military, Lizzo wears a tuna net, gay culture and the designated virgin, waking up, paying attention, and the national divorce, and Brandon Buckingham in studio. DOWNLOAD!!!!

My business does carpeting and shower installation, you know the good Ole rug and tub

Anyone else want to compare a toggleable invincibility mode in video games to subtitles? I haven't called enough people retards this morning.

Just beat Metroid Dread. Overall good game but only an OK metroid game. Final boss was a bit of a sponge and that final phase was bullshit until I learned I could destroy the sun with super bombs.
I only beat the game with 64%, and I feel no desire to go get the rest because most are locked behind autistic shinespark puzzles I cannot be asked to figure out because the rewards are pointless.
Probably not gonna do hard mode.

Scientists are idiots, trust engineers.

This is more sad than my old joke that he was some 41 inches tall.

Biggest problem 55: Maddox describes Fourier transforms in the worst way possible. What a tard

@josh why am I buying kiwi coins if you're getting paychecks from Harvey weinstein?

If i have to make an account to use your product then fuck you.

on Biggest Problem 46: Maddox is so fucking retarded it hurts.

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