Business idea, pay me to properly document your code base or I make your office look like the Alfred p Murrah Federal building.

if glUseProgram is an expensive operation to run, why don't any of the retard documentation sites say so?

You ever think you're eating chips wrong?
Like they're as loud I'm the room as they are I'm your head and everyone else is just too polite to tell you you're eating chips like an asshole?

I really wish C had a good way of designating Pure functions.

ATTN Makers of Polygonica:
Go Fuck Yourselves.

Any degenerate weebs around? I have Atelier Series questions.

Looks like amazon is going to fail to deliver all of my packages, god UPS blows.

Southpark guys have said several times they think season 2 kinda sucks.
I disagree, it's better than the last 5 seasons.

I did the math one time and found that if every democrat woman paid a single dollar a month into a fund, America could pay out of pocket for every single abortion procedure and have some change left over.

I guess what I mean is stop bitching about easy to solve problems and buy a bus ticket or a condom.

Qt strings may be more retarded than Rust strings.

Compare my breakfasts to yours and then kill yourself

There's a very small difference between realing and realign

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