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Reminder to everyone that nostalgia rots your brain. Don’t fool yourselves.

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Make women register for selective service.

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Hate is a valid emotion. Social media companies dehumanise me every time they don’t let me use slurs.

Mob Psycho 100 is good. Still prefer One Punch Man, but its not as obnoxious as the people praising it for years made it seem to me.

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Why the fuck before posting, a redditor will say who/what they are. "As a......" ?

Doesn't matter what you say you are mate, you are a feeble loser that sucks cocks.


Man, I don't remember Attack On Titan being this slow. Or the score being this bad. Then again, I haven't watched this since 2013, so maybe I was just in the hype when it aired.

Feel in the mood to watch an anime about a teen operating a bipedal weapon created by his father in a war he was drawn into by chance.
If only a show like that existed.
Sounds like unmined material.

Its been 15 weeks and I'm still wondering if Jujitsu Kaisen is supposed to be good. Cause its not and yet I still see people fawning over it week after week. Is there ever a point it gets good or am I just watching a show I hate because?

Best way to die?

Am I doing anything correctly here?
Don't know how to work this.
Is this a good place for random shitposts and anime rants?

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