These are the kinds of people who'd create those corporate police states some of y'all are so afraid of

Once upon a time there was a young boy sitting on a bench eating a box of chocolates. A man came up to the boy and said to him, "You know, if you keep eating chocolate like that you're going to get diabetes, heart disease and all sorts of bad things."

The boy looked at the man and said, "my grandfather lived to be 97 years old."

"Oh?" The man asked, intrigued. "Did he eat a lot of chocolate?"

"No," he boy said, "He knew when to mind his own fucking business."

Finally an emoji for hitting up a BBQ joint with the boys

@genetic_failure Communism is such a great system that the slightest disruption can cause it all to fail catastrophically.

It is like claiming you have built the perfect airplane, but the only reason it does not fly well is because of random gusts of wind that mess up the airplane's flight. We just need there to be a day with absolutely no wind, and then you will see how perfect my design is!

Remember when causes focused on one thing? And weren't all generic communist propaganda with different wallpaper?

@genetic_failure literally every cuban American hates Cuba. That's why they came here.

These fucking commies posing as race activists really rustle my jimmies.

Motherfuckers be thinking USA has a naval blockade on Cuba.

Half the bars in the UK stock Cuban rum, you can even get their cigars here

You think YOU'RE excited?! Check out these nipples!

@BallisticPig @Publius @Marcus_Aurelius The NRA should be more like the SPLC or the ADL. They should find poor blacks with gun charges and stir up as much shit as possible by defending them. They need to build a smear machine that makes supporting gun control as toxic as being racist.

@TouchBalls69 @Publius @Marcus_Aurelius unironically the best idea i've ever heard as far as gun rights activism goes

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