Had my orientation this morning. I felt so anxious when I woke up it was like I was gonna puke. Got over it with the use of my favourite drug, caffeine. And some Weetabix. The bus was a lot nicer than when I last took one, surprise on my end. Got to see some old acquaintances, figured out my schedule. 8 days until it begins.

Flash flood warning just went out, apparently it's been distributed to my whole state. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a desert.

I think I still do like having an online presence as pure idea-puke. I may not agree with everything said on here, but right-wing platforms are often the most open about the ideas you can express. Not without critique, but you're hard-pressed not to find that everywhere. I think a good thing for me was to stop viewing the internet as entertainment and instead as a place with real people. It ironically made me realize my own humanity.

Had some face-to-face contact with old associates. It had been so long that I had gotten upset that they hadn't seen me more often. Felt good. I was hearing voices of other people. That's a little embarrassing to admit I appreciate, but it's always the finer things. And I'm heading back to school soon. Sure I've been studying at home, but it's not the same without a regiment. You end up feeling aimless. Not a place you have to be nor a time. Man, I feel like a dork for being out of it so long.

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I think I've been spiralling out of control lately. I've always had a lot on my mind, but I think I used the pandemic as an excuse to allow myself to be consumed by my own thoughts. I always worry about how much time I have left, yet I've been wasting my time alone and anxious. I've neglected my family and my friends. I neglected my own health. I was creating the boredom I was running from. I think it's time I crawled out of my head a little. I'm taking a damper on the social media usage.

In the moments leading up to your death, do you know? Do you accept it as it happens? Questions that I probably wouldn't like the answer to even if I knew.

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The way a vaccine works is to lower rates of infection and lessen symptoms in the event of infection. No vaccine is a 100% effective magical shield against disease. If population threshold of vaccinated is met, herd immunity takes over. Obviously, this is preferred over passive immunisation as it is quicker. This process can also be sped up with the utilisation of techniques such as masks and social distancing. Simple as, folks. I'm tired of hearing about this shit.

Fuck's sake, why does guinea fowl always have to have bone fragments in it? I'd it the way they're killed, is it how they're dressed? My throat has one of the shits lodged inside and it hurts to swallow.

How the fuck does one perform an Alveolar Trill? I've been trying to figure out how to roll my R's for days now.

Good ol' Americano. The only way I can drink coffee black. I love the taste of coffee, but I'm not a paisano.

Throwing stick hunting boomerangs. That or shepherd's slings.

What shall be this age's Ozymandias? What poor fool has doomed himself to the cruel sands in the name of his own glory?

I have gotten about 5 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.

Man so dense he could drown on dry land.

*The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I should say.

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