This is one of the few pics I took while traveling in mexico with my sister, mostly because sea lions were fighting and this seagull didnt give a shit and was staring people down.

In a bout 20 mins im gonna be at a bar not knowing why I went to a bar because I dont really like bars

Its friday night
Ive drinking the emergency tequila,
My phones mostly charged,

my intro dialog would be "look I dont remember how we got here, but lets go."

The time has come and so have I. All the liqour

I wanna be drunk, think I'm classy and be a fat. Happy Thanksgiving to all except women because they are 99% of the reason Thanksgiving is not Frensgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'd like to tell everyone that I'm thankful for everyone who has stuck by me while I was censored and deplatformed multiple times, and continue to tune in and support me to this day.

I fully expected the ride to be long over by now, and was prepared to walk away with no regrets. I'm only still doing this thanks to your continued support. I'm truly humbled and thankful for all of you.

Every day is a gift, and let's see if I make it passed 2022. Happy Thanksgiving

Nvm first season of Cowboy bebop=bad, Im 3 mins into the last episode after watching the first 2 to see if it got good.

Julia upset because she is a woman
Viscious;"this is what you wanted right, the elders dead"
J: "not like this"
V:"you mean not the way you planned out with mao, people that are supposed to love you shouldnt stab you in the back"

J:" You knew I was fucking spike and stayed with me you are a fucking cuck"
V:"Im going to hurt you"
End Scene

Opening Music and Title card

Also we 4-7 drinks into reading a russian novel, I cant promise to have good arguments on things now

Im reading the Brothers Karmazov, why do atheists not read this book Ivan's pretty savage

Now to read my book so my phone doesnt die and I can use it for my boarding pass

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