Look you've got a choice about this
"vaccine," Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or whatever other companies shit one out.

It's not fascism, you get to choose the form of your oppressor, or you don't get to travel or go to public events ever again, and that's just what's been proposed so far.

So make the right choice, get the "vaccine" or die.

- Brought to you by a bunch of people alps saying over population is a huge problem, and the only way to save the planet is to Kill Yourself.

@Madcucks This is why I live in Poland. They pay you not to vaccinate here.

@ethot what are the emigration policies for poland if I am a whyuite man? do i need to marry a polish woman? @Madcucks

@Madcucks So be it. I’m not going to let some limp dick billionaire or government threaten me into doing something I don’t want to do.

I can’t fly commercial anymore? Who cares! I’ll learn how to fly and rent a Cessna if I really want to.

I’m not allowed to learn because I’m not vaxxed? Then I will rent/buy a sick RV and travel like John Daly.

The more they try to constrict us, the more will find ways around their bullshit.

You never know, it might actually be fun!

@Madcucks unironically though if you're really forced to, get the j&j, it's not mrna, it's the least effective and has the least side effects, so you get to live your life while not helping anyone else and you probably won't become sterile

@WihadabibiYtzaboi that's what i've read, too. alternatively, forge the receipt. @Madcucks

@JonnyRico @Madcucks no other choice, Israeli PM is already talking about everyone needs to get vaccinated every 6 months for the next 3 years, i have no doubt most states, red and blue, will try the same shit. man if these shit cocktails dont actually work (seems increasingly likely) this might actually end with politicians hanging from lamp posts

@WihadabibiYtzaboi @JonnyRico

I wish, but we've seen people are willing to just bend over. 2 weeks turned into a year, and now commandant Fauci is saying it needs to be another year.

It takes 40 days to make or break a habit, it's been that nine times over. This is now habitual for 90% of the people around you.

@Madcucks @JonnyRico could be, theres no amount of cynicism that would be too much at this point. I observe people very closely while I'm out in public (here in socal) and ate outside at a Mexican place today. Theres all the covid theatre but I noticed one bartender mostly had his mask down while working and of course all the patrons maskless at their tables and at the bar. People walking around outside, maybe 50% wear their mask. I still hold out hope that it will gradually wither away

@WihadabibiYtzaboi @Madcucks ya, i dont know what to do about the covid hysteria. worse come to worse I move to Florida or South Dakota to avoid the nonsense.

@JonnyRico @Madcucks if theres a push for vaccine passports to go to businesses I think that's definitely on the table

@WihadabibiYtzaboi I know about vaccine passports but what do you mean 'to go to businesses'? @Madcucks

@JonnyRico @Madcucks Israel is requiring proof of vaccination to enter gyms, restaurants, movie theatres and some other types of businesses

@Madcucks fascism is not about fucking up your own people.
This is late stage capitalism.
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