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Day Six of Blonde trying to put Unleaded Gas into a , 2 men are laughing at her the whole time.

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@TUMZensky do you have a copy of last night's Bananadox stream?

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SEE where we are headed.......take notice & start planning there`s a lot worse to come......!

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in this world there are 3 types of people: men, women and men who have been tricked or raised into thinking like women. Those latter two hate you and want to ruin your life. The first is now becoming an endangered species because of martial LOL and regulations

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Who's High Pitch? This week it's the debut of Shuli Egar on WATP as we break down the now defunct High Pitch Erik Show. With the amazing production values and cohosting skills of Gonzo Shitcock, I can't believe it didn't take off.

I'd like to wish [email protected] a happy women's history month. For the next 30 days you can pretend you women did something notable that wasn't on your back or your knees.

We men decided to give you this month because we knew that's all it would take to shut you up your brains are so small.

Enjoy it, the only reason we couldn't give you a shorter month was because the blacks already took it.

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"Certified Minority Owned" is now a shopping category and selling point on Amazon.

How does the skin color of the company owner impact the quality or value of the product?

This is what people were thinking about when they came up with the term "mentally retarded".
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Don't watch the golden globes. Don't read articles about them. Don't watch any YouTube videos in them. It will only lead to misery.

CPAC was a faggot convention for faggots.

So great Trump can say all the things that are wrong while doing nothing to fix them.

So great these conservatives can stand up for the little guy by throwing attendees out for not wearing their Biden mandated slave gag.

So great they can continue to offer nothing in the way of leadership or solutions.

Just a bunch of assholes holding signs and saying "this time will be different."

If you call yourself a conservative, get fucked.

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Look you've got a choice about this
"vaccine," Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or whatever other companies shit one out.

It's not fascism, you get to choose the form of your oppressor, or you don't get to travel or go to public events ever again, and that's just what's been proposed so far.

So make the right choice, get the "vaccine" or die.

- Brought to you by a bunch of people alps saying over population is a huge problem, and the only way to save the planet is to Kill Yourself.

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Can anyone tell me a right Trans people don't have that non mutants do have?

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What do you wish to experience? 

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What have women contributed?

the entire human race that's what and every single male that has ever existed

and what have men actually contributed?


there isn't one single male who can get another male into the world
he can't do it, he is fucked, he is stunted and he has to turn to a woman to help him and his male race out
and plead with her to create more males so he can have some male friends to bond with

and to justify his existence, he has to run around looking busy

"yeah I am worth something I am worth something, I may not be able to get another human into the world but I am still worth something?"

Stonehenge was a total waste of time and energy and why did men build it and other such useless monuments?

because men had to fill their time up with something and look as if they were busy.. all the time and energy men have spent building pyramids and monuments to their fairy tale gods

and all that time men spent devoting themselves to them was useless, utterly useless but it kept men busy until their next male war which was about fighting over who of them who had the built the best monuments😂
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