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Posted this on Facebook. Think I will post it everywhere. The commies need to wake up and stop supporting systemic racism.

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You know how there's been cancer research going on in the background for decades? Imagine a new fast spreading cancer is discovered, and it's projected to kill 6% of the population, and in a year not just 1, not just 2, but 4 different pharma companies come out with a revolutionary new chemo they each claim is >95% effective, which is so effective you may as well just go on chemo just in case you have this new cancer. Why has no other cancer been cured this quickly? Might be a scam.

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Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on RJ Mitty the guy who played Walter White's son in Breaking Bad.

He apparently had to play more Cerebral Palsy than he actually was, is this a form of ableism?

Please let us know on the HWIDG voicemail at 704-750-9434.

Also unrelated, if you're looking for a guest on Who Gives a Shit let me know, I know a guy.

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I love variety, and I love whiskey.

I have a better whiskey selection that a lot of bars in my area now.

60 Whiskeys from 44 different distilleries. 3 are from my state. I've tried all but two of the ones I bought today.

Now to remedy that.

I'm just going to say what everyone is thinking. Duante is a stupid name, and I'm glad he's dead.

While stories that the Navrios guy get buried, stories about shit bags like this take center stage so they can get free shoes. Meanwhile hundreds of blacks die every year in Chicago alone at the hands of other blacks. Those lives, don't matter. Only the ones killed by cops.

I keep buying more bigger humidors because I have too many cigars. Then I order more cigars because I got more humidors. Etc. It's a vicious cycle.

Eventually I want to buy one of the nice electric ones and keep everything in there, except for a small one on my Bar for quick access.

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I’ve been slacking and I haven’t posted Who gives a shit links on paypig. Here’s the most recent episode!

It's now news that the virus doesn't spread on surfaces, or outdoors.

This is shit that we knew a year ago.

The retards really just do exactly as they are told, no questions asked.

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You missed personality. That's the biggest thing you've got going against you clearly.

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New Video about Grifter David Hogg finding out that setting up a company to "put Mike Lindell out of busines is too much like actual work and hes too much of a loser to do any of that, and quits after 2 months! What an idiot.

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With DMX gone.

Who's going to control all the lights?

Oh yeah. You just connect the printer to your network, then install the driver and boom. You're wireless printing.

Yeah. That's how printers work for sure. I've had this thing two hours and I want to take a ducking hammer to it.

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Going to poke my head into the rabbit hole and prepare myself for staring into the abyss of responses again ,but I’m truly curious. If people that want to get vaccinated all get it and those of us that don’t get have made a choice not to get it then why all of the horseshit over the passport?

I get the real reason behind it (control) ,but I don’t get the pro mystery shot people’s irrational thought process that I’m somehow unclean and unworthy to be around them. If the super duper mystery shot works then literally the only person at risk is me and fellow non mystery shot enthusiasts.

Basically, why the fuck do vaccinated people care what I do? “Presumably” I can’t get it from them and they can’t get it from me. It’s a simple question that no one seems to be able to answer without saying completely stupid things like “we just don’t have enough data to know if it works” like seriously? You either believe that it works or you don’t. I can tell you one thing for sure the rest of us aren’t waiting a year to find out.
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Had a BLAST hanging with you guys.
Everyone MUST listen or suffer the consequences!

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