If you're forced to get the covid vaxx, make sure you get all of them. They'll fight among themselves
Men and women can never be equal - because we are not fundamentally physically equal.

Yet when we discuss free pads and tampons at work or a few extra days off available for those women with incapacitating menstrual pain, men say "women shouldn't get EXTRA advantages" and women say "we don't want to look WEAK! We have to be able to manage on par with men!"

In sexism, equity is not a possibility, only equality. Equality is always based on men as the standard and how well we can emulate them.

Yet you don't hear "we don't want wheelchair access at work because that makes disabled people look weak", because we understand the concept of equity in most other situations. So why is it so commonly accepted to frame women's physical differences as "weak" or "extra"? Why aren't they just female-specific challenges?

Because we ARE different and that should be an acknowledged part of our reality. But it's not. The whole reason we are oppressed is based in that material difference. It shouldn't be a crime to admit women aren't men.

This idea that feminism is the fight for equality needs to die. Equality is a trap.
Nazi's Fuck

Punk off

Yes I do at time watch this degeneracy and I get motived to work out and wear a Ted shirt

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I’ll talk about how much stupider my YouTube suspension is than I even thought. Billy Mitchell is…winning? some Federal Supremacy talk and MORE!

Lololol socialists wanting state housing never address the real cause of housing shortages.
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