Rumble is not decentralized. If you back Rumble, you're not breaking the cycle. You're just propping up the next tech tyrant.

What is the dumbest trend in streaming?

It's looking like they might actually overturn Roe v Wade.

It's funny how the right is winning more during the Biden administration than Trump's first term.

Be True to Your School was #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963. 35 years later we had Columbine. What changed?

We're literally incarcerating the entire juvenile population of the country, locking them up with abusive douchebag kids and tyrannical teachers for 9 hours a day every day, and then all the experts stand around with their thumbs in their asses asking "What could possibly be his motive for shooting his teachers and classmates?"

Here's a revolutionary answer: Maybe he just didn't belong in school.

So many people say banning guns is the answer to school shootings.

I think banning school is the answer to school shootings.

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TLDR: A giant hedge fund owned by a Republican now owns a lot of Twitter's stock and may be responsible for pushing Jack Dorsey out.

Gaige Grosskreutz reminds me of about 20 angry hippie white guys I went to college with. He's the guy who tells you he's an anarcho-communist and you're a poser for not joining the Zapatista Revolt while begging you for gas money and lowkey sliding into your girlfriend's DMs on his iPhone. Watching him get shit on in any situation is always amusing. I hope he kills himself on a live stream some day so we can all watch, but until then there's this:

The Green Day song Minority embodies a big problem with our culture: fanatical worship of the underdog, simply for being the underdog. You should not want to be the minority. The minority is usually wrong. The minority is usually the villain. Exceptions to that rule are exceptional. Your are not.

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The only future I want is one where there are serious reprisals against the fats.

In Minecraft.

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You have the Left VS the Right.

The left are winning/have won.

The left will dress up as antifa and burn cities down.

The right will chat on GAB and parlar about "getting ready for the revolution" but will NEVER do shit. These fat wannabe operators jerk themselves off at the thought of a civil war, but are too pussy to do anything when it happens. They'll just lay there because they're "rule followers" at heart.

And here I am. Just sitting here with my cat enjoying watching the pyre.

Ever notice how the news is slow on holidays? It's almost like everything miraculously stops happening...

Or maybe it's just that the jerks who fabricate the news all want the day off too.
It's a start. Now let's run these freaks out of every other company too.

@RekietaLaw I try to defend the fedspace when people say it's just a bunch of insane racists, but then I see threads like this...

Darrell Brooks never even crossed state lines.

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