Goblins are the new hot thing now, and the girl ones people want to fuck apparently!!!

You motherfuckers better start liking anime cuz it's the only thing I bring to the table.

okay update: I guess it's that baraag loli anime art server so maybe this is completely by design, but my art pals are still my art pals and I support their work even if it is what it is.

I can't seem to search outside of this server for other people. And some of the friends who found me I can't see any of their posts.

DID DICK SET THIS SHIT UP TO BLACKLIST OTHER NODES? I don't know what I'm talking about but maybe some of you do!

I can post all my hitler fanart here, which you can't do on twitter. Now to make hitler fanart!!

I hope everyone use this matsodong... it's like twidder but doesn't have my fucking goddamn old ass mom on it lol!

Lol my mom old!!!

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