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PSA to anyone who doesnt know:

check usernames. If they have a shit load of numbers in their profile, dont argue with them and ignore.

These are indian bot farm bots. almost all pro lockdown accounts are these accounts, almost all pro democrat accounts are bots, dont be deceived and demoralized.

Now Ive said it, you will notice it everywhere.


thinking about the kingsman plot where a bunch of rich folks sit in a bunker partying while they force the plebs to kill each other so they can combat global warming

@naia hey naia users of the paypig instance use words like nigger and faggot with reckless abandon and I'm guessing you're not about that.

Should probably just go ahead and fuck my insides gently with that ban-saw.

@wolfgirl state your intentions bot or desist immediately

Watching seijo no maryoku and the difference is startling; man gets teleported to another world and he's all about creating a new town, or conquering nations or killing the demon lord.

Women gets teleported to another world and spends the first two weeks sitting on her ass.

god speed dick lengthening science man

@dickmasterson hey dick your fat.show password reset uses your real name for the email address.

Wasn't sure if that was intentional?

What's a good program to edit wav metadata?

The bone story is confusing the fuck out of me. So he goes after his publisher for posting nazi stuff, then his publisher cuts ties with him.

Now some think bone is a nazi?

Somebody else posted this but he just posted a big ass image,

basically an article comes out saying the vaccine kills elderly 40 times more than the virus, youth 260 times more:


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I'm almost done even attempting to buy drugs online. The markets are fine but the vendors are so incompetent. I dealt with a guy who doesn't know how to decrypt their own PGP yesterday. I also have a guy who's a week behind on a quick delivery (made two orders because I fucking knew in my gut that one of them was going to screw it up.)

Are these guys outsourcing to India?

@dickmasterson hey dick make that coffee delivery international

Poor and stupid here. So if people are making say double their money with crypto you would still have to invest at least 20k to live off it right?

So the new zealand government is calling lgbt teens rainbow kids now:

"Young people in the Rainbow community are at greater risk of being discriminated against"


10 fucking usd to transfer bitcoin, fucking binance

Is it just me or was PP slow to load today?

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