@CrippledJesus you could cosplay as Rei when she was all beat to shit and on life support but they still shoved her into an EVA because Shinji was a snivelling soyboy.

@CrippledJesus you ever thought about trying to get one of those japanese powered exoskeletons? I bet a gofundme for that would get some traction if you promised to use it for comedy.

A Massachusetts climate official said people who heat their homes and fuel their cars will need to have their “will” broken in order to combat emissions and climate change.

i really have little trouble having open opinions of violence towards these people anymore. once the people in offices are officially commenting about breaking the public or drone striking them for political opinions its kinda hard to “BUT PEACEFULLY GUISE”

The mass deplatforming is a good thing. Think of it like cuckservatives doing an involuntary boycott. Twitter can ban one or two users without issue. Banning 100,000 makes their platform less powerful. Eventually jack will stand in an empty room talking to himself.

You know how people say "invest in rope?" Maybe Mike Lindell has been preparing for The Day of the Pillow all along...

The US could balance the national budget with a capital letter tax on boomers.

Are there any cool people on brighteon and noagenda, or is it all boomers recommending seminars about how to leverage MARITIME LAW as a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN? Can I mute those servers, or will I miss out on quality shitposting?

decades later, computers are still worse at voice calls than the humble telephone.
Hey @dickmasterson how about getting Mr Metokur back on the show for an update?
That dude is always entertaining.
wonder if i should replace my code of conduct with an ascii version of ancapball

People forget that a totalitarian state can trivially turn off the internet or transform it into a whitelist of IP's to "approved" servers within their country. All other traffic, encrypted or not, can simply be dropped and then reported to the gestapo. This is only one congressional act away at any time.

That is, assuming the internet is still a thing in <your 1st world shithole country> when the inflation hits consumer prices hard.

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