"If you question the government then you are far-right."
This is the kind of person the modern education system produces.

@HitterNeverQuitter how does this work? Are they gonna show up at the far rights house?

What would their demands be?

They gather and chant really complicated chants and then the media says there were thousands of them when there was maybe a hundred. It's great.

@HitterNeverQuitter @genetic_failure "hey hey, ho ho, people who do not believe in national socialism and a state for the Aryan people but get labeled as such by us because they have the audacity to want to lower taxes on everybody and also they are white have got to go!"


@BallisticPig @genetic_failure
One, two, three, four nazis cannot be here no more, five, six, seven, eight, because we protest we can't dilate!

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