(the probability that I will get Covid) x (the probability that I will be seriously harmed by Covid)


(The probability that I will be harmed by the vaccine)

Two dice rolls vs one. Easy choice.

Live your life as the slave of another

Watch your race dwindle to a handful

And then tell me

What has more meaning than your own strength?!?!

You are retarded if you are still wearing a mask.

I cooked for my entire friend group today and they all loved my cooking 😁. I made Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches!

Now that the mask mandate has been lifted I will now start wearing a mask.

Is this the end of crypto?
I need to know whether or not to neck myself

Why would anybody defend Palestine Name me one prominent Palestinian lawyer, movie producer or tax evading accountant. You can’t.

I was gonna buy this thing but I need to know the company’s stance on George Floyd.


Real Men: "What the fuck, Crunchyroll censored the swasticas in 'Tokyo 卍Revengers'?"
So the plot of the Tokyo Swastica Revengers seems to be that the 'evil nazi gang' was founded by true spirited barbarian delinquents and it has been swayed from its true path by a corrupting influence ( probably korean) so the time traveller who went back in time to originally kill the gang's equivalent of hitler actually ends up siding with them and guiding them back onto their true path.
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