@Heil_Honkler this is one the most unbelievable things Ive ever seen.

its so retarded it looks intentional.

New video about the tone deaf retard Nancy Pelosi thanking Goerge Floyd for dying!

WTF are these people thinking, how can you be this tone deaf.


@coolhandjames Burn Loot Murder is going to have their block party, guilty verdicts be damned.

over half of the jurors are women. no wonder the prosecution made emotional based arguements WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON A JURY

Good lord help up, it's Monday already isn't it, team?

Dynamic content generation and co-host oppression seems to be on the horizon as we set sail, LIVE




Defense attorney Nelson: “A criminal case is kind of like baking chocolate chip cookies. You have to have the necessary ingredients—If you're missing any one single ingredient, you can't make chocolate chip cookies—The criminal law works the same way"

-- Source: https://nitter.salastil.com/Breaking911/status/1384216288050901011#m

@Heil_Honkler its fucking lockdown, its just made everyone online 24/7 and some people are so fucking dumb they dont understand america is a different country

Illegal blocking of roads, physical assualt, and the guy that just wants to go to his home is the one arrested.
*Honk* *Honk*

Aww man can this trial hurry up an finish, I want to watch the Fentanyl Floyd Festival.

A leftist catoonist that doesn't realize he's proving the point as to why women should never hold positions of authority. The man makes a reason based arguement, the woman, emotionally based.

Lol this closing arguement by the prosecution, almost completley emotionally based. Why is this allowed in a murder trial? I'm of the opinion that the state should only prosecute cases based on evidence, facts, reasoning, and logic.

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