New video about the revelation that people spying on you to see if youre breaking the law, the CIA, have had at least 10 people caught for being pedophiles in the last 14 years and no one was prosecuted! theyre the good guys, though

Im almost doing actual journalisms instead of laughing at retards now, this is getting silly

if you guys see actual feds on poast trying to sell fake IDs or other documents please report it immediately

this kind of subversion is going to become more commonplace with our continued growth and we rely on you guys to bring it to our attention so we can act as quickly as possible

thank you
Reminder that our overlords are not just evil, but the worst kind of people that have ever lived.

JUST IN - Christian Lindner, leader of the Free Democratic Party (FDP), today spoke out in favor of compulsory vaccination of the population in Germany. This is his predecessor, Guido Westerwelle, who died years ago.

Remember to practice social distancing this holiday season by greeting friends and family in a hands free fashion

lol theyre killing my video, bare in mind my viewcount is totally different to the public view count for whatever reason youtube thinks that makes any sense, I always get 50 views from subscribers in the first ten minutes every fucking video, no matter what I make a video about since I hit 1k.

Not today! I think this bitches name has some kind of filter on it lol

NBC claims Kenosha Police were "mistaken as to the individual’s intent" when they stopped James Morrison after he ran a red while following the Rittenhouse jury bus.

The bodycam footage shows otherwise.
@adam @Johncdvorak

A Black police officer murders a white elderly man in a wheelchair because he was rolling into a store holding a knife. All cops are faggots, all cops are bastards, all cops are scum. Cops will hunt you down and kill you for no reason other than they wanted to. On top of that if they're niggers they'll use their power to kill whites out of cold blood.

Its coincidence week on my channel! And today we talk about the stunning coincidence of Barbara Sampson, the medical examiner who did Jeffrey Epsteins Autopsy and declared it a suicide, resigning as soon as the Ghislaine Maxwell trial starts!

So weird how all of these coincidences happen all at once! I dont know what could have caused them!

@Terry @Groomschild @NecroHole @Senpai-kun @UnityOstara @comradepond @lichelordgodfrey @nameredacted It's an absolute disgrace. a bi-partisan statement issued within 2 hours of the protest beginning, much faster than their reaction to the terror attack that they refuse to label a terror attack.
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