@judgedread I hate how everyone has a different definition for each generation.

41-60 = Boomers

61-80 = Gen X

81-00 = Millennial

9/11-2020 = Zoomer

Not that hard. InB4 "Boomers are Post-War!", The Baby Boom started during the war. I can't tell you how many early Boomers I know were the product of hanky panky on home leave. The boom began in 1941 with a dip starting late war when men were being stationed longer for occupational duty. Then it went right back up on the same trendline.

Moderna is racing to be the first to have the hottest fashion item this monkeypox season with their latest product, which happens to only be their second product – a monkeypox vaccine.

It still shocks me at how quickly they went from "no you homophobe no one's coming for your children" to "OMG how dare you try to protect your children from us! This should be illegal!"

A lot of people think "oh but those are just trees haha silly stupid government mismanagement"

This is designed to kill trees and plants. They hate nature because those pulling the strings hate God and his creations.

New video about the new Ricky Gervais special Supernature causing hilarious meltdowns already, a few hours after release because of a few trans jokes!

Get ready for a wild ride, boys, its only just beginning.

There was another paki Dr originally compared to the guy in the right. She had managed to decapitate a baby while attending aa an obstetrician. She was also cleared to work again despite appalling findings during the investigation
>Only enough formula for 9,000 babies for a week

>Still the FDA approved garbage because the actual milk-based formula sold in Europe is somehow still illegal despite this crisis

>43% stock shortage

We're at the point where the modern media solution of "report the PR stunt as Total Victory and declare the problem solved" is now being applied to starving infants. This system will do its damndest to take you and your loved ones with it on its way out.
the deus ex collection is only like 10$ USD on steam if you guys want and dont have them, alternatively titles are priced at around a dollar - 5$ each


@GatorTime and ya boi Randy discuss the news, the views and the subterfuge. From published tweets to Portugal Punishment.

On Youtube as well, so we have to be good.




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