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Ive had sex with dudes many times but if i have a son that becomes one of those til tok instagram ”tea” and makeup people ill tell him to stop being a faggot

gotta draw the line somewhere

i see you ladies out here liking my titty posts but not putting your titties on the table

cowards, the lot of you

god damn, i love tits. Love suckin on ’em. Theyre great

i guess the treadmill getting my blood pumping is also making me kinda horny.

ill note this down for the future, use it to my advantage in relationships

its sad that asmr on youtube has been so ruined by mukbangers and thots and wierdos. The whole search is filled with thots trying to look sexy and show themselves off, or ear licking or eating or slime and shit.

the only legit asmrtist left is Ephemeral Rift.

that dude is a G

Outside of seeing the numbers on the scale go down ive noticed that im losing mass in places on my body. mainly my butt and back and my thighs. i notice it when i sit down and when i lay on by back to roll and do stretches, cause the floor digs into my back more than ever.

fuck yeah

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Todays lunch! Pork strips in tomato n cream sauce (got some nice spicy chili goodness in there) with green lentils and whole wheat bulgur! nomnom

Atleast trump never accidentally said Nigger live on national news.

i need to put a Volcel hat on my profile pic

this might sound disgusting but when i excersize in the morning before online class i wear long under shirt and long underpants cause i love feeling the sweat all over. Its such a kick. i guess its part of the dopamine high

Gooooood morning night city!

thanks to prepping some fruit and my coffee maker last night i got a quick and early start to my day, feels good.

time for treadmill and gaming

ok gn forreal

hope to dream of my own ara ara tall stronk mommy gf tonight

good night

back to having dreams that last for weeks and months.

sometimes i wake up confused and sad wondering where i am and then realizing it was all a dream

Rest in peace my little baby

you were the first rat i ever got and youve been loved every day since i got you.

Polly, you will be missed by me and your sisters. You were taken from us far too soon and you will be missed always. You faded away in your sleep, surrounded by your family. Sleep now, my angel.

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@freedompatriot one spot on example of this was when people started calling the creature doing the ”Queer kids stuff” youtube show a jew. Started kvetching right away

”its scary how they started calling me a jew because i never told anyone that and i dont know how they found that out”


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