@BellBell this might not be fitness related per se but know any books/ audiobooks i can read about self control and discipline? i got some work to do in that department

@BellBell omega 3 is good. im a vegetarian so i gotta get them supplements

@Yakov lmao why take your violent autist sperg to protests?

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@BellBell some good fats in peanuts, plant based and dairy based cooking oils/ cooking fats. basically people should have a diet high in protein and fat but get majority energy from carbs while not having a sedentary lifestyle. but people to comfortable drinking sodas sitting on their asses gaming or watching tv

@Terry id be considered an adonis in england if this is the most handsome theyve got

if you are obese your opinion on affordable/free healthcare and the climate/global climate change is worth zero

@meeper i mean youre right but i thinks its more needy than horny

@creamqueen shouldve asked her if she thinks men should see women as objects they need to conquer with sex to have any inherent self worth. Cause thats what she is thinking using incel as a insult.

@meeper bitch i need fingers ran thru my hair and smooches im not HORNY horny

i like my women the same way i like my coffee: no penis

@SincereIronyLLC tfw no buff tomboy mommy gf to smooch me inbetween sets ;_;

@sloppyhog this is why i always have that coffee and cigarette induced morning shit before i go

the wierdest type of mood ill ever have/had is being sad horny in the gym alone at 4 am

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"I don't need religion to guide me in life", says the girl who tried commiting suicide like 3 months ago

@TransGal4872 @eris @jbauer i can bet money youll be more likely to off yourself with it

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