here is my total weight loss journey. I updated the graph to have my starting weight 3 years ago when i started aiming to losing weight so the graph isnt accurate to how it actually went. This is just to show the numbers.

So its official, i passed my long term goal weight!!!

one pic is Lbs and the other is Kgs

Got myself a couple treats from the second-hand store

Food blog time! Made myself some homemade Cannelloni!

100g fresh lasagna plates
55g veggiemince
150g crushed tomatoes.
Bechamel on top made from
1dl almond milk
tablespoon corn starch
15g frankful ch**se

as usual lands on 500 calories!

#🌱 -vegetarian

Food blog time!

Todays lunch, pancakes and soy whip mixed with raspberry jam. had a bigger portion today so this landed on 600 calories just about

Hey again fedi! More food blogging.

Todays dinner is powdered root mash with vegoballs and oat/almond based gravy.

powdered root mash 250g
1dl oat cooking cream.
0,5 dl almond milk.
1 tablespoon corn starch.
Vegoballs 100g

total 505 calories

heyo fedi. Figured id food-blog more.

Todays lunch is Spaghettin with vegan cheese-n-quorn sauce.

60 grams whole wheat spaghetti.
30 grams frankful ch**se.
0,5 dl oat based cooking cream.
1 dl oatmilk.
Tablespoon of corn starch.
2 sliced up Quorn fillets, around 100-150 grams.

Total of 496 calories!

Good afternoon fedi! i cobbled togeher a well working comfortable meditation stool. I found a foldable softish mat with a firm base thats nice to kneel on so the combo of the mat and stool works well. Had a nice 30 minute meditation session just now.

Todays dinner. VegoSchnitzel with powdered rootmash and oatbased gravy with some Imatfraiche in it. Total 498 cals

Todays lunch, Falafel in tomatosauce with bulgur mixed with red lentils and green lentils on the side. total 505 calories

athe silent nightly watchman, making sure his father is sleeping safe, caught in action by the flash

i know this looks a bit bootleg but a whole big loaf of whole wheat toast bread is cheaper than a 4 pack of whole wheat burger breads.

anyways, vego BBQ burgers on whole wheat toast with hotsauce and french roasted onions, served with rootcelery fries

lunch of the day:

vegan pancakes with soy whipcream mixed with raspberry jam and chokky oatmilk :3

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