do any of u know how to make wiith eggs changed for something else? every recipe i try always stick to the pan or turns to mush. I used both regular pans and cast iron skillet, maybe it was too hot?


@MasterSimper i have. i dont like bananas so thats out. I tried a recipe that said apple sauce. got fucked. tried one that just used baking powder, same result. people here just saying ”use soy” like what just but a bottle of soymilk and flour?

my current recipe is flour, oatmilk and 2 eggs. i just wanna find something to change the eggs with but every recipe i find is like a novel of fucking seeds and nuts and shit i hate it

@GymratTim eggs are emulsifiers which allow the ingredients to mix together properly.

Soy can also act as an emulsifier.

I am not vegan so I don't know how well soy works in pancakes though.

@tfmonkey my current recipe is oatmilk, flour and 2 eggs. Finding something on internet to replace them with has been a bust. banana makes me gag so thats no good. Tried apple sauce, pan got fucked. Tries just baking soda and that only turned to mush and got stuck in the pan. and every other recipe i find has like a million different seeds and shit im just tryna change one ingredient out and its frustrating me

@GymratTim yeah, non of those things are emulsifiers. I don't know if they make a soy-based oil or something you can use in place of egg, but soy is an emulsifier like eggs, so it's your best bet.

@tfmonkey so i should look for soy milk in my pancakes instead of oat milk? if what you say is true ill only need soymilk and flour then?

@GymratTim no, you'll need a soy oil or something. You need something egg-like to take the place of eggs. Although you can experiment with the soy milk and see if that works.

@tfmonkey fuck it. sticking with eggs it is.

i changed everything else to oat based stuff anyways so. until i find a better change. Cause oil and shit has loads of calories and im not about to change the calories in the eggs for like triple the amount.. that or when im out of eggs i say bye bye to pancakes

@GymratTim @tfmonkey Bro, just use olive oil or your favorite stand in. Hell, just make sourdough and use the starter itself with some green onions if you want savory. S soysauce/vinegar/oil/pepper mix dipping sauce is great too.

@GymratTim You can make a savory pancake using sourdough starter. The taste and texture are a bit different, but the form factor is close.

@futatits i tried using whole wheat flour once and that shit doesnt bind together at all its like mush mush mush while it also burns if i turn on the heat too much. seems impossible

@GymratTim Don't use whole wheat. Use all purpose or bread flour. Mix 100 grams of water with 100 grams of flour and put it in a covered, but not airtight container in a 70f room. Leave overnight, then discard half and replace with equal parts flour and water. Repeat this for a few days and you'll eventually get a foamy mixture. That's your sourdough starter. You can then cook them in a pan with a little olive oil. They'll be a bit crunchy on the outside, but nice and fluffy on the inside.

@futatits thats too much work for the 4 pancakes i want for lunch

@GymratTim stop being a pussy and make regular pancakes.

@GymratTim Some foods just don’t work with that dumb ideology. Give up or do it correctly.

@Venom_artist ye im sticking with the wggs for now until i find something else.

and its not an ”ideology ” fucken idiot i just wanna go plant based.

@GymratTim It’s an ideology. But if you’re really serious try peanut butter. Or any nut-based butter should work.

@Venom_artist i guess i can look. peanut butter in pancakes? sounds bad but it might work

@GymratTim You need a binder to make the mlx work, which os what eggs do. If you dont like peanut butter, your next best bet is something like applesauce.

@Venom_artist lmao i tried applesauce and that shits did not work. i have no problem with peanut butter. if t works it works. just cant imagine it will but ill but some and try it. but i really wanna keep my calories dpwn and anything thats higher in calories than two eggs when i change it i might aswell just not switch then

@GymratTim that’s what I told you like, an hour ago. Do it correctly.

@Venom_artist bitch, ive been trying different stuff. i gotta try to find the thing that works, the fuck you want me to do?

shut the hell up

@GymratTim I want you to make pancakes correctly and stop being a f-slur about it. Go fuck yourself.

@Venom_artist stop being a stupid bitch and just say ”do it right” like a broken record not adding anything helpful like youre smart. youre not. if you were smart youd understand id have to try different alternatives until i find what works in the end be it not switching or use something else. youre not adding any intelligent value

and call me a faggot without being a faggot about it.

@GymratTim I offered alternatives and you didn’t like them. Sorry your dumb worldview doesn’t conform to reality. At least give them a try before deciding it doesn’t work. Ya f-slur.

@Venom_artist bitch i told you id buy peanut butter, you having a fuckin laugh?

@GymratTim nah. I’m playing SFV and having a shit time of it. My shittalk has to go somewhere.

@GymratTim That’s not true at all. I offered reasonable solutions that were rejected.

@Venom_artist again, i said im buying peanutbutter. youre fucken stupid AND wrong

@GymratTim Hahaha!! Why would you do anything I say, then? I tried to help you in between obvious jabs.

@Venom_artist and again its not an ideology im not ”vegan” i just wanna be plant based for a while and see how that affects my health and workouts.

you dont know why i do things, stay to drawing shapeless boney flat porn ass you dumb shit

@GymratTim I will. Have fun trying to make pancakes without eggs.

@Venom_artist telling me to just ”do it right” like you dont have to try different options until you actually get to the correct conclusion.

shut up, thats not how it works. I ask for advice and i get told to just do it right, fuck off

@GymratTim Use flax seeds. You mix some ground ones with water then let them sit for awhile until they're sticky, then just mix them into the batter like eggs.

@Mote so i have 2 things to try then, flax seeds or peanut butter. i wonder if i should get smooth or chunky peanut butter

@GymratTim Probably smooth if you're just looking for the egg properties, but if you like peanut pieces you may as well do chunky. Also you can use chia seeds instead of flax if you prefer those instead, and I have heard of people using applesauce as well, but I've never tried it myself.

@Mote i tried spple sauce and sll thst happened was it got mushy and the spplesauce just burned away slowly and everything stuck in the pan.

but ill buy some smooth peanut butter and trry it.

i use 2 eggs in my recipe do you know how much peanut butter i would have to use for it to be the same amount kinda? i use metric so cups and stuff dont mean anything to me lol

@GymratTim I've never tried the peanut butter thing either tbh, just the flax and chia things. You can probably look up the ratio for peanuts on some cooking website and just use a conversion rate to go between imperial and metric. Here's a site for flax:

@Mote i spent 2 days googling this shit and its all vlogs with a novel about their vegan lifestyle and blah blah and then a laundry list of ingredients. like i went from 3 to 13 this is the opposite of what im tryna do

@GymratTim Unfortunately I think they have been doing seo min maxing

Several things:
1) you probably have the heat turned up too high. Try cooking a few with the heat turned way down and work your way up.

2) I've heard flax seed meal can act as an egg replacement, 1/4 cup flax=1 egg. I haven't tried it, but I have some and have been meaning to try it. If I get around to it, I'll let you know.

@Flannel_Ninja ive tried flax. crushed them, added lil water and they got all nice and sticky. but for some reason all things (including peanut butter) ive tried have ended with even on medium heat the outside sticking to the pan and the middle being mushy. guess i gotta keep trying

@GymratTim hi, you can try it with mung-bean. You need just mung-bean, soy drink, sugar and vanila:>

@dolmengi thanks for the tip, i figured out a recipe that had tood success for me. Thanks for the advice anyways

- 150g flour (whatever you have)
- pinch of salt
- pinch of cinnamon
- 1 mashed banana
- 3 tbsp of flaxseed soaked in ~ 5 tbsp of water
- some plant milk (depending on how liquid you are going for)

the soaked flax + banana does the trick for me every time

Have the same problem 😣
So if you get a good answer, make sure you publish it 😁

@GymratTim Usually I find that veganising a non-vegan recipe in which eggs are structurally important is not the way to go.

For crêpes I currently use something like this:
300 g flour
15 g pea protein or soy flour
850 g soy milk

@GymratTim For American pancakes I found a recipe in metric units once but didn't write it down. Everything online is in cups and teaspoons and I hate it. But anyway it's really easy, you don't need anything fancy to replace eggs. Just flour, plant milk, sugar, oil and baking powder.

@GymratTim Oh, and yes the pan and temperature are important! You want a proper teflon pan, and I suspect it's bad if it's too hot, but I haven't completely figured it out. One failure mode I have experienced is when the pan is brand new it doesn't stick enough, so everything falls to one side instead of staying flat in the pan. In this case you just need to be careful and handle the pan gently.

@guillaume ive uaed a cast iron skillet, worked on low heat but took a while, ill try my teflon pan on medium next time

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