so many trannies have aggressive violent attitudes.

its almost like their true innate angry-and-lost-man-out-of-control behaviours are showing

oh well seems there was some upswing in my weigh, from 70.7 to 71.4. This happens so ill just keep on trucking and make sure i keep better check on my calorie limit today and tomorrow. Im thinking its more probable that i hit my 70kg goal on wednesday.

such is life. no bitchin

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I can feel it. Today is the day. Im going to be 70kg when i step on that scale.

If im not i wont be a bitch about it, cause i thought id be at that point friday 12th but im less than 1 kg away already so i can keep it pushing one two more days if need be.

what you need is determination and good routines. Always aim to be a better you both mentally and health wise

do any of u know how to make wiith eggs changed for something else? every recipe i try always stick to the pan or turns to mush. I used both regular pans and cast iron skillet, maybe it was too hot?


man i really enjoy gluing together cardboard boxes for my rats and other stuff for myself. im not a hobbyist handyman (not that this really comes close to that) or whatever but its been fun.

probably because im doing it for my rats and myself.

if any other person would ask me to glue something together for you id glue your nose moutj and eyelids shut and then make you a cardboard box helmet and throw you in the sea

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”love is blind” Well, im not. That saying is just a big for people so afraid of being alone and needing company so bad that they lower their standards to nothing just to allow some fat ugly fuck to walk all over them

@GearHeadAniki i might have to unfollow you cause there is so much porn

i do not wish to be horny anymore i want to be happy ;-;

Found a cute albino rat girl at the pet store. Asked them to ”book” her for me as ill get money sometime tomorrow. So after school in kitchen teaching ill get down there and pick her up and get her home and start intergrating her with the other girls.

never had an albino girl before so this is gonna be neat

if yall just knew about the beefy tomboy dragon lady waifu i designed for myself 👀

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