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"...your mind is made of neurons, stupefied by the creaminess of VR porn and the splendor of anime..."

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New video about ragepig and the greatest lolcow the internet has ever seen, Ethan Ralph being beaten senseless in Portugal for second time!

The most pathetic footage you ever did see lol.

Saw this new video from After Skool from a neuroscientist that pleasure without pain is pain itself (in different words obviously).

It just confirms the Yin-Yang aspect of reality and that opposites arise together and mutually depend on eachother.

How to Maximize Dopamine & Motivation - Andrew Huberman

The indignity. I hope he losses everything.✊ 🙌 🖕

I told her that the mob used their criminal gains to found multiple "legit" corporations of their own. She says that's even worse. Corporations are slightly worse to her now.

Luckily I haven't fucked up yet and let on how terrible and insane I think her opinions are. It's like a bunch of reddit accounts terrible opinions congealed and took the form of a woman.

So I was talking to that same crazy chick again. I swear this is more entertaining than reality TV at this point. We were talking about the mafia and she has a beef with them.

I ask what her problem with the Mafia is. She says that they victimized people in their own neighborhoods and that's bad. She goes on to say that they should use their crime power to take on corporations.

She's convinced that we're totally fucked and the climate crisis is already destroying crops. That's how the bad guys take over. She seems very resigned to this future. She hinted at how this will be deserved because we didn't listen to climate activists. Also billionaires bad.

Talked to a woman last night, knowing she's unhinged. Better than the shot on TV. She tells me with the climate crisis, authoritarian governments will take over and have to decide who gets to live and die using food allotments.

TONIGHT at 11PM Central:

Let’s unwind from a week of Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. I’ll give a short recap of the day, talk about the SEC ruling. and then maybe talk about some other stuff. Chill vibes today.

FandomsandFeminisim sounds even worse than a neck-beard's ideal Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Fun fact if you're not smart enough to take your pill on time or use plan B you shouldn't get to vote.

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