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New video up on the channels. I am abandoning electricity in my videos to practice for when the solar flare wipes out the power grid, and so I'm showcasing a way to bake on the stovetop by making cornbread again. I'm also starting cost breakdowns on the things I make. Turns out, 1 pan of cornbread costs about 3700 Sats, or 1 Merc dime. Any other measures of value are worthless.

Is this 'Steve from Blue's Clues' video some MKUltra shit? I don't understand why everyone is freaking out.

I've had all my memes slapped with fact-checks for the past year and they're suddenly silent on this? Outrageous.

Of course I would take horse dewormer for a virus.

Then again, I also put laundry detergent in my cookies.

Every woman that cheerleads for abortion does so to protect another woman that doesn't actually exist.

'raped 13yo', 'can't afford birth control', 'medically can't carry a baby to term' are all corner-case archetypes that have very little basis in reality.

I thought stories of people running on treadmills at the gym wearing surgical masks was a joke until I saw it for myself.

Cooking pro-tip: to substitute for dates in any recipe, combine equal parts honey and play sand until a consistency of play-doh is achieved.

Apparently is trending on Twitter right now.

Does anyone actually think that this kind of hashtag is organic? Everyone knows this is bots, right?

The Dissident Right's meme trajectory signals an evolutionary aesthetic:

2014-2017 Pepe -> Masculine defiance with light-hearted whimsy

2017-2020 Wojak -> Grasping the gravity of our situation, strong feels, deep yearning for lost futures and the eternal past

2020-202? Apu -> Faced with the enormity of the Wojak moment, combining the trickster archetype of Pepe, we reach a Neo-Sincerity toward returning to authentic emotions and childlike sense of wonder

2020-202? Gigachad -> Matched with his twin Apu, Gigachad represents the synthesis of Pepe's defiance with an understanding of sincere ideology, joyfully embracing our worldview with smiles, muscles, and positivity

The Apu and Gigachad synthesis moves the DR towards its true aesthetic potential: the growth of Sincere Romanticism, i.e. the rejection of post-irony and embrace of the mystical, a joyful rebellion matched with a deep conviction

Grocery shopping pro-tip: save money on protein powder by buying it in the bulk bin and ringing it up as flour.

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