Does parler have the same Christian emphasis as Gab?

I heard Shawn Michaels was just announced as the special investigator in the Cuomo match against Undertaker.

Go outside and stare at the sun you pasty fuck. Half your problem is that you sit around so much you get moldy.

Fedi I am Literally shaking just had to explain to my son that he can't do finger guns in class because "people" are fucking crazy and they don't like cactus jack.

We've got to blow up the fucking moon. Look at it up there... Plotting.

If I got Mario van Peebles on a podcast would you guys listen to it?

I need a hookup on a new adrenochrome dealer.

The Outer Limits into The X-files is one of the best television programming decisions if the time.

New to Radiohead, where do I start if I'm not a sad boi?

People need to lose weight. Everyone is starting to look like a bunch of fat aunts.

I gotta create something. You too, even if it sucks. We can do it!

How does a 27yo misanthrope with a god complex make friends... Asking for a friend.

The more believable the satire, the more effective.

How do I find out which of my skills is marketable?

I would really like to experience space madness at least once.

Porn is good for you, how else are you supposed to figure out how to pick up an 18yo thick latina chick and bang her in the back of a van?

All this shit started when you couldn't sneeze on someone anymore. They've taken more and more each cold and flu season.

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