@icedquinn @alyx

The recipe was shit if it didn't say how dark to cook town the tomatoes to.

You are shit for not being super attentive to tomatoes cooking in a pot and allowing them to turn to sugar/carbon on the edges. That was way too hot, you probably were supposed to keep it on one of the intermediate settings that doesn't keep the temp on all the time.

@sjw OK

Crisis `over` at work, finally found time to acquire all the things I need.
Shipping tomorrow.

@gear all the time.

Usually they have a (D) or an (R) next to their name though.

@Shadowman311 being known as an out of control drug addict is better than ever saying nigger.

@rlier23 @Minty

Anime and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

@lebronjames75 @why imagine the turd you'd fire off after drinking that much canola oil in one sitting.

I don't understand how anyone in authority can be nonchalant about Miley's shit involving sending secret messages to China.

Unless there's a larger global government that he and the chinks are beholden to.

@justanothertoxicmale probably if his canceraids allowed him to have any drive to laugh at the dumb shit happening.

I actually think they're right, I don't think the cultural shift is shut down. Problem is you can categorize people really easily now and blindly subjugate them.

The blind subjugation is what fucks with people the most, though. You really need a soft press, like "gun control" to prevent the massive pushback.

genz can't even get car insurance yet.

Only a few of them can drink.

The 1814400 second year old OOMer
>won't touch dolphin using 6GB, reaps music player to recover 300MB
>has never even heard of swap space
>takes 20 minutes to decide who to kill

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