what if I made an underwater gun that was like, a double shot sorta thing.

The first shot just cavitates the water to range and then the second follows right behind it.

@DickForgetsHeRunsServices you're treading very close to mantis shrimp territory.
If fluid viscosity is dependent upon depth, then follow up shot would need to track just behind the wave front of the first shot.
You might have a general solution to a certain depth, beyond that it's a controls, timing, and power plant thing.

@sloppyhog I could use a rod with specific geometry with explosives pushing it through the water

@DickForgetsHeRunsServices how about a 2 stage round?
Possibly a small shape charge to force cavitation with follow up slug taking advantage of the vacuum.
First charge stuns and cuts, follow up does the real damage.
You could use a massive slug for the follow up given the lack of range.

@sloppyhog I need to keep it under, what, 1/4oz before I need a type 09....

..unless I make it a pulse rocket.

hmm hmm hmm hmm

@DickForgetsHeRunsServices the secondary shot size is really controlled by wave front collapse.
Since the primary round would quickly dump all energy, you could roll with a low weight ultra high velocity round.
This is gonna be an up close thing, so decide on how much momentum you'd like to deliver.

@Monsignor_DickFace @DickForgetsHeRunsServices nerds are what makes thing go boom while leaving your hands and face attached.

@sloppyhog @Monsignor_DickFace

Look I'm just trying to make a lethal buttplug here.

I actually loved all the underwater weapons made during the cold war; they all amaze me with their designs and craftsmanship .

HK's pepperbox especially but also the rooskies and their AK-with-darts long stroke that I don't think I've ever seen fired now that I think about it.

@DickForgetsHeRunsServices @Monsignor_DickFace in a fit of insomnia, I tried to purchase 500 glass anal dildoes from Ali Baba (the finest guangdon secondary sex toys).
The plan to rig up a gravity feed to an air compressor, some sevoes and lame motion detectors.
Violate my airspace, bird or drone, I violate you with PCP butt plug auto cannon.

@kefhekjfhe @sloppyhog @Monsignor_DickFace

I remember this swedish? Film where it's some student or nurse.

The devil appears and spawns flying penises (complete with sparklers on the ball end) that ejaculate over her like a squirt gun.

I don't know what they really intended to say with that film, but I think I need to recreate it for all mankind.

@sloppyhog @DickForgetsHeRunsServices You're on the right track with the 2 stage system.

Think solid/liquid propulsion assisted speargun
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