@TwoGoddamnGentlemen Make all the episodes public since it's applicable now.

Tonight's 'update' will be funny.

Tonight at 11PM Central!


Drex joins me. We’ve got beheadings, we’ve got He-Man, we’ve got plenty of other things. Come hang out, it’s been a while!

The CDC Recommends sucking my cock to prevent covid.

If you're not on your knees deepthroating my manhood, you're not trusting the science.

When's the last time you watched "Falling Down"?

I feel like.... yeah...

Larry Elder robbed Barbara Boxer in Oakland last night. Shoved her, stole her phone and jumped into a nearby getaway vehicle.

Passersby mention hearing him yell "Welcome to California you dumb bitch" but nearby cameras nor Barbara Boxer can corroborate these claims.

A warrant for Elder's arrest was signed by Judge Gavin Newsom late tuesday.

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