Shit lib devs virtue signal in game
Pretend to be black
Tell white shitlib Dev that me pirating his game is reparation's
Gets mad
Bans me off the Steam Forum

it’s no bull. I wouldn’t lie to you about 3000 centipedes

@11112011 the day i completely lost my last shred of hope in conservatives was the day i watched a pragerU video about deporting illegals where some smug cuck assclown was walking around telling libshit college students that “ackshually donald trump has deported less illegal immigrants than obama did at this point in his presidency” as if it was some kind of huge own. like congratulations you cataclysmically retarded faggot you just owned your entire movement harder than any woke faggotry ever could.

Anyone own canon or fujifilm image stabilized binoculars?

I need something for spotting a mile out

:cacogun: STOP SCROLLING :cacogun:

:gunleft: First you're gonna reply to this thread with that great song thats been stuck in your head lately

:gunright: Then you're going to repeat/boost/bonk this post with your fedi account

Do this and nobody gets hurt :cacodemon_spin: :cacolaugh:
You can say nigger on twitter now, thanks Jack
do they ALL have to be anime avatars though

someone play devil's advocate with me.

"AI Is an editor"

There's little difference between a newspaper editor and an AI trained to determine what is or is not "Fake news", "The most popular thing currently" or anything along those lines.

There is no outcome difference between a platform using an AI to publish something or a platform which has a human with the title of 'editor' doing the same thing.

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