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Couple of poo in loo's are whisper screaming to each other right next to me in the library

The problem is that I am not vaccinated and they need me to be vaxed to go to the training center. I have another interview where they would like me to tell them whether or not i am open to getting vaxxed. I already told the intetviewer that I'm not vaxxed, but told him i would think about it. I am definitely not going to get it though. What are my options?

Interview went really good until they asked me what is something that I need to work on. I prepared for every question he asked up until that and when it came up I blanked. He asked me again and i thought of something on the fly that was a good answer. Overall Id give myself a B.

Having an interview for my first job that is actually in the career path I want to pursue in 20 minutes. Wish me luck brothers. I am feeling confident and know I have a good chance of landing this job. I want it so bad.

Pretty fucking based that covid selectively kills fat people and not me

Who the fuck would ever want to play bass guitar? You could unplug the fucking guitar at most shows and I'm not even sure the bassist would notice.

News reports coming in that most of the civilian casualties from the attack on the Kabul airport were not the result of the suicide bombing, but by NATO troops shooting in the aftermath. What a fiasco.

The only reason I'm not in Greenland is because my family would be sad
It's like I'm a slave

Last day of my last summer break ever and I am trapped in my house

Well boys, I got the vahrus. They were right. It is literally just the flu.

How long will it be until we have good nds emulation on typical android phones

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