"Norm was dealing with cancer for nearly a decade but never wanted the public to know because he didn't want you to feel sorry for him and give him pity laughs. He tried so hard to hide this that even his family didn't know.

only his producer knew he had cancer"

yeah I'm thinking it was the Clintons

Why does emma stone refuse to respond to my emails

Building a website from scratch for my buddies business. First time doing this and im tired of warching youtube videos recorded by indians with shitty mics so hopefully someome here can help. I made a simple contract us page with a form that posts to a php file I made that just uses the mail function with the form inputs as the parameters. How do I make this work when the site actually goes live? Do most hosting platforms like go daddy have smtp functionality built in or what do i have to do?

Guys! Definitely do NOT put concrete down the toilets of companies enforcing vaccine mandates. Don't do that!

The time to give up on javascript is now. What we need is HTML∞

in the words of trevor moore, "did you know.."

Where can I find a compilation video of politicians over the past 2 years mentioning or calling for a NEW WORLD ORDER?

Alex trabek was a treasure. God rest his soul

Good god there are a lot of coal burners at wall mart

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