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@BallisticPig @7ScreamingDizBusters @HitterNeverQuitter SEO is literally the reason for those stupid essays. gotta fill the page with a million key words to get ranked higher.

Googling a recipe that a family member who was excommunicated had...
Recipes written by men: list of ingredients, 5 sentences tops
Recipes written by women: 1000 word introduction, list of ingredients, 2000 word story about the first time she made these with her grandmother, 1000 words of directions, still doesn't have oven temperature listed

Who the hell buys fancy soap for men?

Every guy just gets Irish Spring in bulk. Why the fuck would I buy a technicolor bed bath and beyond brick sold by dudes with man buns?

Back to work for a few weeks...then Christmas.

Love this time of the year. Be sure you can see your loved ones this season.

LMFAO they truly see swastikas in everything

I hope never get the help they need, its too funny.

The extremist extremists are there with extremely extreme extremism

Great turnout at today's protest in Melbourne.

Anyone know if Sonicman69 is still alive?

I am assuming he is, just ran out of money to pay for his own instance.

Thanksgiving is over, back to watching Americans kill each other in Walmart over an xbox

Thanksgiving in a nut shell:
1 plate of food - fine
2nd plate of food - kinda full
1 slice of pie - oh, I'm doing okay
A glass of water - I'm gonna hurl


Thanksgiving is the greatest and best holiday.

Hope you're having a good one 🦃 🍂

@coolhandjames sorry, can’t talk, mouth stuffed with turkey.

I think I'm gonna buy an F150 raptor because of ram ranch 7

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