@YorkshireTea this looks like it now reflects the breakdown of UK population vs vaccine. There is probably less than 10% of the elderly that's not vaccinated.

This is a clear indication the the vaccine does zero to stop the latest omicron vaccine.

First they abdicate then they masturbate.
RT @QuarantinedCoof
Some hopeful news from Europe as General Mark Milley has stepped in to help negotiate the surrender of Ukraine to Russia as long as certain conditions are met. Chief among them that Russian forces install dilation stations in Kiev for all American personnel stationed there.

Buying the dip because I'm a firm believer in the sunk cost fallacy.

@TouchBalls69 cheer up buddy, there's always the next crypto coin you can lose everything on.

Where have I been? Oh, I've just been drinking shitloads of whiskey and staring long and hard at my gun. Haha. I bought way too many tech stonks.

My boss is unironically playing Darude Sandstorm in the kitchen right now

@coolhandjames @OpNeptuneRedux1 do you think the FBI agents doing this have to go through some kind of de-escalation therapy because they are acting so gay for so long?

@sloppyhog i need to work on myself? yeah, with power tools.

@sloppyhog maybe the "Human Rights Campaign Foundation" is on to something.

Sacrificing women's human dignity for some dude's "right" to be mentally ill.

@sloppyhog reducing women's parts to "front hole" and then saying anyone can have them is the most disrespectful thing I've ever read.


@sloppyhog that's the AIDS that was added to the covid genome. It will probably clear up in 1-2 months. That's how original coof was for me.

I am about the same, although I didn't think to weigh myself yet.

Anyway, back to the grind (super spreading).

I am no longer sick with Omicron.

Covid is fake news again.

Why is a gypsy crying in a titanic movie?

Because of such amount of metal going underwater.

Australia not only shot itself in the foot, it unloaded a shotgun into its dick.
The absolute STATE of Australia.

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